Revert jack's repulsor buff

After the micro patch I felt like jack’s repulsor really didn’t need 90 degrees, he can totally Ruin almost any monster escape with it because now he just needs to be to only a few feet away from their backs to stop them in stead of being having to be in front of or very close to the monster’s side like before, the repulsor was a very defensive tool but the trade off was putting yourself in danger to save another hunter, now he rarely has a situation where he actually needs to be in front of the hunter he’s trying to save. (photo for what i mean by a few feet away from his back)


I’m confused by the increasing number of these threads jack takes more skill to aim now than he did and the problems you’re suffer from jack would most likely happen either way


Yeah, I completely agree. The fact that Jack can stop monsters running in the other direction is just stupid. I have a thread where I suggest making it so the repulsor can still go 90 degrees vertically so Jack can be effective against Kraken, but stay how it used to be horizontally.

Its kind of sad that Jack started out pretty balanced but was changed in such a terrible way.

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I feel like this is one of those rare times when the middle ground is a viable solution :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never played Jack, before or after patch, but I feel like a buff might have been necessary. Not as big an angle as it currently is, since the ability should stop you moving towards him rather than away from him. I also disagree with it being able to force Kraken to the ground, but I can’t really speak on that since my Kraken is atrocious. I’d say maybe 70 degrees?

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I feel like that would probably work, it feels very overwhelming when his beam curveballs around you and you just stop dead in your tracks.

Jack was never underpowered really, he started out hard to play, but when people got used to him he was used in a lot of high level team comps. His kit was really balanced except for the fact that he and Griffin were very weak against Kraken, so they decided to change the harpoons to get double the pulling power on Kraken for Griffin, and thought it would be a good way to improve him against Kraken by making the beam bend much more. This obviously was not the right decision, and the nerf to capacity was what they gave him to make it less powerful but that nerf to capacity is already countered very well by the buff that makes his repulsors start recharging in 1 second rather than 3. Since he already was balanced, I think giving 70 degrees would still make him too powerful, and it would work well just to make him better against Kraken. I explained how this would work in my last comment.

The beam works for like 2 seconds, then takes forever to recharge meanwhile the monster recks jack. I don’t understand all the negative comments about it.

If you’ve got a good healer, a good hank, and a good Jack, whoever’s being attacked by the monster can be really safe. Say it’s Caira, Hank, and Jack. If you attack Caira, hank can shield her to prevent damage. When hank’s shield is charging up, Jack can keep the monster off Caira while she’s healing herself for whatever damage you were able to do. So then you switch focus to Jack. Jack can protect himself by directly stopping the monster from getting to him. when the repulsor’s dry, Hank’s shields and Caira’s heals. until the repulsor comes back up. So you switch to Hank, the only “weak link” since he can’t shield himself. He does however have the defensive capability of cloaking himself. The’s a big deal when you’re investing so much time and armor into getting through Jacks repulsor, Caira’s constant heals, the inevitable defensive orbital hank’s going to drop down on you, etc. All this is going on while the Assault is pounding away at you, too, so there’s that.

When the hunters have such a strong web of defense, it’s really hard for the monster to break through. With all the other Trappers, they could only really defend other people, or apply soft cc (stasis that slows) as opposed to hard cc (repulsor/harpoons that stop). Griffin was really good because he could pretty effectively stop you from going on someone else with the harpoons, but there was counterplay because you could turn around and focus up on him and he couldn’t do anything about it, he was reliant on his team for safety.

So Jack changing that was a big deal already, it was like one of the few “holes” in hunter’s fighting strategy went away. It made the game lean more towards the whole “hunters have to make mistakes to lose” meta that people are talking about, because the web of defense is so strong that they pretty much have to fuck something up with that web for someone to go down. Jack’s big “hole” was that he could only repulse and protect people near him, so positioning was really important. As a monster, you’d have to keep track of where the person you wanted to kill was, and wait for (or try to create) an opportunity that Jack and the person you want to kill are on opposite sides of you. That was Jack’s counterplay, and it sucked. Once they got together, they could hang out together the rest of the fight and jack repulses to keep them both safe. With Griffin, if they were together they were both vulnerable. Jack getting the extra angles makes it So much easier for him to protect other teammates, mainly because it gives him a lot more potential for positioning. He can be super far away or at a really poor angle and still keep that other hunter safe.

It makes Jack’s “hole” (his counterplay) almost nonexistent. During a S3 Relay fight where the hunters have the terrain advantage, Jack is an excruciating pain in the ass to deal with. You’ll get that support down to just the tiniest little shred of health only to see that big green J that he’s been saving up come out of nowhere and stick you in place while the support gets cloak/heals and gets out of danger.


Just going to drop this little screen shot from jacks gameplay intro

Which shows jack repulsing goliath from his side as hes heading from right to left directly at markov, again, despite being clearly beside him.


I was trying to say when he’s farther behind the goliath, in that screenshot he’s clearly closer to the front of the goliath then behind him, i’ll example what i mean in this half assed ms paint quality photo image
(But you are right, i’ll edit the original post to make it clearer)

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I see alot on jacks repulsor being too strong BC of angle and the fact that people have probs with kraken ECT.ect.

I’m no pro but my team plays well normally Hyde,hank,jack,val. I tried jack out shortly after release and his repulsor takes a skill aim and if wasted can discourage you from using Jack. it is hard to have played the other trappers and constantly playing evasive while getting your tm(under dome) to a certain area to bait the monster into traps.

Main diff with jack is his combat effectiveness he is not as situational as other trappers BUT his worst downfall is tracking. If you are monster and dodge birds well, sneak really well jack cannot track you. (no uneaten corpses and no tracks makes satellite usless)

As for tips against monsters:

Goliath: Jacks worst enemy… if facing goliath with jack stay in front but out of range of fire and ONLY USE REPULSOR TO COUNTER SKILLS. Changing direction quickly will cancel jacks rep and then leap can get goliath an angle where jacks rep can’t hit or even out of range sometimes. Jack cannot stop rock or fire and will cause you to waste charge on an object that is not moving. Best tip as jack vs goliath. Jack focuses on stopping goliath from push/separating 1 hunter. Goliath needs to push a single hunter out and maul them. Goliath -push = rock/fire but punished by rest of team.

Behemoth: Strong at separating and aoe.
As jack main focus on behemoth should be stopping the roll escapes from corners and roll to melee. EX: dome drops gets thunderdome drops Sat. Finds monster trying to mitigate by hiding team goes to hide spot he starts roll not for atk but to get to other end. Jack holds in the roll and team does dmg on frozen monster. Behemoth is a long fight but stick to stopping roll you will be huge asset.

wraith: Jacks best fight.
If fighting wraith as jack you have the ability to make 3/4 of wraiths skills usless.
Abtuct: Hit when u see pose hold when tries and will stop dead n mid abduct.
Tele blast: Same effect on this as on abduct
Supernova: Stops all forward motion and can be clutch if u miss blocking abduct and they chain nova as soon as hunter lands on ground.
Main strategy here is stay close together as full team 3 in front of jack hitting wraith. As a big group wraith will try abduct to grab anyone or blast for group dmg. Jack cancels they get frustrated and aggro with supernova (if your not wasting rep juice you can stop all 3 in one charge)
As jack against wraith its all about baiting the skill use by being big target as a group.

Kraken: The monster that almost made me quit jack…
I hated kraken vs jack BC with every other monster he stopped forward momentum… Kraken can move 20ft right then 20ft left in air and seemed like judging angles were impossible. Many people say jacks rep shouldn’t push kraken down… To this I say horse shit. The kraken can wipe your team from safe distances, it does not need to move or aggro toward the hunters providing it corner hits and movement based on evasion only… “so get behind it” some say… 1 hunter pressure from one angle against kraken is death. Skill combos dmg = death.
As for all the naysayers and haters jack is the most fair trapper in a sense of usefulness against kraken.
As for tips against kraken… I’ve tried it all and the only use is CONSTANT rep above kraken to push to ground. 9/10 times as soon as kraken touches ground rep is empty so they go directly back up… I can’t stress this enough BC I’m just recently discovering. Krakens have to fly… Gives them better aim with their skill shots. With reload speed on jack every 3-5 sec you have full rep guess what you do… Lay sats. THEN PUSH DOWN… Too many times I’ve saved a tm BC lightning strike was coming as I pushed down. This is where jack is best on krak… They miss… They aim skill shots get rdy to cast and they start falling causing aim to change.
If facing kraken with jack you are not “trying” to shoot them. All good krakens fly ALOT if you spend the battle holding them down they panic, which causes mistakes.
Now… The only reason I say ONLY use rep and sats on kraken is this.
Very little aggression so range vs hunter weps is super effective. Flying causes hunters to look up causing more “accidental” dmg from wildlife BC they don’t see coming, and kraken backpeddles n air making the only viable option for hunter team is to chase and hurt as much as possible.
Again some are against jacks pushing down on kraken but let me ask what attacks from kraken can jack effectively stop…
He’s not “too” strong BC if he plays with rep sats and dome he’s “lucky” to do dmg but his worth in battle finally puts the kraken off their comfort zone. He’s the only trapper who can be really really useful against kraken but he can’t afford to waste much time fighting he should put the kraken down the 3 remaning get as much dmg as can and as he tries to fly again instantly push down again and your team will still be in atk range. If they fly u push down OVER AND OVER krakens always go up to avoid dmg they will try going up after initial down 2-3 times before they realize they have to ground fight for a bit.
Like I said I’m no pro but I have really enjoyed jacks plays.
It falls to the #1 rule in evolve. Play “Your” role. Jack just has diff styles for each opp that requires changing his use for each monster.

Jack didn’t get a nerf to his repulsor it got buffed in my opinion. He can now repulse you for shorter but it recharges insanely fast even when drained. Before I had no issues against Jack but now you burn through it to have him stop you a few seconds later. Put the recharge delay back to three seconds.

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