Reverse Leap Smash


Reverse leap smash is the best ability … very enjoyable to watch

It has an element of surprise … it hits hunters from no where

Question for Goliath expert How do you do the leap smash in reverse ?

I notice the leap smash / traversal as hunter


Reverse leap smash?
Would that be instant impact and then moving backwards in the air?


I think he means it hits where the marker was but you dot reach the area


Oh,like when you aim somewhere but then Goliath itself misses, but it still hits the area?
Yeah that usually happens when the model gets stuck on terrain but not enough to trigger the leap smash.


I mean that his leap smash animation is done in reverse

When you use any ability as monster … you have to face the targeted hunter …

In leap smash reversed … you don’t face the hunter


It’s when you aim your Leap Smash somewhere behind you.

Monsters can rotate their view around in 3rd person as their own desired speeds, but the turn animation of Rock Throw and Leap Smash is capped by a certain speed.
Ergo, if you release Rock Throw / start Leap Smash aimed behind you then it will activate before Goliath’s model will have properly turned around on the Hunters’ screen.

Pretty fun to do 180 Rock Throws. It’s really, really easy to forget for the Hunters how 3rd person often means that the Monster might actually be looking behind him even though he’s seemingly facing a wall, especially in the heat of battle.


He refers to when Goliath leaps backwards rather than forwards towards his targeted area.


I’ll have to try that sometime



I do know about the rock but I never though of how to make reverse leap smash

Maybe I do reverse leap without noticing it ?

It only noticeable in hunters screen ?


I think so. Never really tried to deliberately reproduce it as I’m sure there’s some form of latency or just luck required to do so, but the “backwards” Rock Throw animation is always only noticeable on the Hunters’ screen as well. It looks completely fine on the Monster’s.


Rick nailed it on the head-

Flip the camera 180, and leap smash. Thats all there is to it.

The THING to keep in mind though- Is that it will LOOK just fine for the goliath player- But the hunters will see it in reverse. Its a net-code/latency thing. The model on your screen updates faster than it will for the hunters.


Of course someone would want to learn and abuse a seemingly graphical glitch…


If the game let us do it

Why wouldn’t we ?

Hunters can expect it … they can see the mark of leap smash on the ground

They can dodge it

You haven’t talked about how bugs that decrease the effectiveness of monster

You haven’t talked about how broken the game is for hunters (slim-WLM - the perks )

You haven’t talked about how the game purposely slightly favors hunters in high levels

You haven’t talked about how the game was forever favoring hunters

Suddenly 1 f animation bug for leap smash has changed every thing ? Huh

All you care about is the graphical error …

This is legitimate part of the game … it’s up to me / other monster to use it

If it’s not legitimate … it should be removed

If the system is broken … don’t put the fingers in to players / people that are using it … put the figures to the system and ask for a change


What is this “You haven’t talked about whatever”? I’ve talked plenty to the point that I’m sure others have grown tired of it.

“If the game lets us do it, why wouldn’t we?”

Oh so playing a game of CoD and glitching under the map and shooting people from underneath without any risk of death is okay “Because the Game let me do it!”?
Ya fukin serious m8?

I haven’t gone on about all the other crap because it would literally be like beating a dead horse because everyone and their grandmother has talked about this that and the other bullshit. Why bother repeating half of the community?

"If its not legitimate, it should be removed."
It’s an odd graphical error within the coding. Possibly impossible to remove. Much like Lazarus and the bodies disappearing in favor of the Monster. By no means is it legitimate nor controllable but it’s still in the game because it’s a complex problem.

So in the long run don’t you dare go about saying that I haven’t said a thing about nothing in this game when I’ve been here ranting up a storm for the past year.

And by no means has TRS ever thought it a normal thing for a Goliath to Jump/Leap/Rock Toss backwards and thought “Yeah that’s cool and legit. Let’s keep it!”

It’s a visual Graphical Bug due to latency. Sure Hunters can see the landing spot but people will be focused on the giant beast in front of them rather than the the ground beneath their feet.


Guys, keep it cool K?

We don’t want Mods busting down the door



Who said I was attacking your threads? Merely stating an opinion on a forum which is full of them.

I disagree with the use and abuse of a graphical bug and you proceed to insult me and “attack” me in your own thread?

How mature of you.
######By the way I never much cared for respect.

Now if someone wants to abuse, for example, Drugs sure it’s up to them and in most cases it only really affects them. But when it comes to something that one is abusing and it affects others then it becomes a problem.

Not much difference between a Goliath visually doing something backwards and someone doing something else along the lines of “cheating.”

Dark Souls 2 has this same problem with the “Backwards Attacks” and of course some people abuse this but it is ultimately frowned upon because it is abusing a latency issue that is hard to fix.

And I find it amusing when you ask “Don’t you have something better to do in life than interfering with others?” when I’m not even interfering with anyone yet here you are asking for help on how to do a Graphical Glitch that most certainly “interferes” with others.

And you should follow your own last line since it makes you a hipocrite.


@Major_Warrior Stop, don’t respond back

@Lmk Don’t even start another post delete it all right now if you have started


There are also exploits like infinite jetpack for hunters. Game lets you do it, without any third party “hacking” software. Hopefully not many players think that it’s ok to use it.


God dooms

Running through terrain

Old dam map exploit . Etc.