Reverse Dome


Is the reverse done a legal tactic in the game? Or even in a tournament setting


Do you mean toss dome then jetpack out? I think the dome comes down a short time after instead of the usual full time. So its purposely programmed to that affect at least. Assuming this is what you mean.


For what its worth, Dome drops in about 10 seconds if theres no hunter inside it. Itd have to be a very “clutch” game to time out the monster like this in an actual game.


On ps4 it’s not, it’s still a minute. I am in a tourney and my team used it and we won tht match. But the opposing team thinks it was unfair.


It’s a cheap trick. In my opinion.


Cheap but not illegal.


Trapper has to be inside if he isn’t then it drops in 10 seconds.

Edit: PC only


On the PC*


Yes, it is legal. No, it is not cool. Yes, it is cheap. No, it is not completely fixed. Yes, it is only fixed on the PC. No, the consoles have not been fixed.


I was more correcting sideways when he said hunter when he probably meant to say trapper.


Its only cheap if its easy to do, like shield stacking. Its a really hard thing to do with no sunny


Not really.


So your telling me you could hit it easy?


I’m telling you I’ve seen other trappers do it easily, with out a Sunny. It’s a cheap move and I don’t do it. I can do it. I’ve done it before. But I don’t like it.


By saying cheap you mean easy. Its not easy. Id like to see you try 10 times and see how many you get. But im probably getting a little to hostile, and I apologize but im just agitated


It is indeed cheap. If you’re on a console, that is. If you’re on a PC it’s stupid, because you’re wasting a dome.

And also, I’m not vouching for myself here, so I’m not going to do that. I’m saying that plenty of others have managed to do it to me. I lost a game the other day because every time I cornered the Crow, he would stasis me and then throw the reverse dome.


If the Developers are trying to fix this in the first place then it is fair to say that “Yes, it is an exploit and is completely unintended.”

There’s really no way to defend something that the Developers are removing in this case considering it makes the Trapper immune to Monster Damage for 1 full minute.

If anyone tries to defend Reverse Doming they’ll have to take it up with the Devs… good luck with that.


Actually, you have to take it up with the tournament organisation. Not the devs… I don´t see a rule against it, do you?


Regardless what the tourney holders say, if the Devs are trying to fix something specific then it is therefore deemed not “okay” to do anywhere unless we are playing with street rules which there are none. If the tourney holders allow such things then they are not a viable group like ESL.

Asses complained about the bracket last Sunday and so ESL allowed it to change and it messed up a whole slew of things. They changed it because baby whined and whined because they didn’t get what they wanted so after a ton of whining instead of saying “Deal with it.” they broke and changed it making my team go from an easy line up to a “lolwtfgoddamnit” line up.


No, just wrong. When something is not forbidden in a tourney, you can use it. There is no “trying to fix” or “meant to be” nor “street rules”. The game is the game, and there are specific rules set in the game as of now. x, y, z Monster is allowed to be played, x,y,z Hunter is allowed to be played, x,z,y Map is allowed to be picked. No word on dome dodging.

There is no regardless what tourney holder says it should be forbidden. With that logic every map should be played in every tourney, buffs would be on and All chars could be picked blind.