Reverse decoy ability


I think that decoy should be used to fight instead of run. Make the wraith cloak first and decoy pop at the end of cloak. This allows the wraith to sneak into the hunter group then surprise them with a lower hitting, non flashing decoy.


Wouldnt that make wraith more of a brawler? since she’s the sneaky assassin type shouldnt the decoy just not fight at all and only run to throw off hunters

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They’ve turned her into a brawler. I honestly think she should go back to glass cannon with this as a change. It would allow her to sneak into relay setups and better game plan.


If you think that she should be a glass cannon this is not how you do it.

As @infamous1 said, this would only

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I’m saying she should go back to being a glass canon but make the ability like this. She could still use the cloak to lose hunters but now she can use it to disorient them when she sneaks into the group.


Yeah no. Again, this change wouldn’t make her stealthy at all. It would only make her a brawler.


She would definitely be stealthy and this would fit the canon part well. The only thing that would change is she wouldn’t be so cowardly. If a team sets up s relay fight and next thing they know the wraith has snuck through to the back and theirs two…sounds pretty sneaky to me.


No. You’re obviously not seeing the issue with this. Just making it so she leaves no trace does not make her sneaky. This entire idea is turning her into more of a brawler, I don’t get how you’re not understanding that.

No she wouldn’t.

It would only make her more of a brawler.

No, she’d be more of a brawler than ever before, she’d destroy teams even easier, and if you think this wouldn’t make her cowardly you are wrong my friend.

Sneaking into a hunter favored area only to fight is making her a brawler, it just stops her from being damaged before entering. The decoy wouldn’t help at all.

Your definition of sneaky, and my definition of sneaky, are two totally different definitions of sneaky.

My definition of brawler and your definition of sneaky, now those are two very similar, if not identical definitions.


I really don’t understand what you don’t get. She’s more assassin if decoy were changed. Right now you may as well list her as a misleader, that’s not very assassin.


No she isn’t. She’s a brawler. If they make the change you’re suggesting, she will only be more of a brawler.


Comes across more assassin. Unless assassins don’t use the element of surprise, then maybe it wouldn’t come across assassin.

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It’s not assassin. What don’t you understand about that?

Making it so her decoy works as a purely offensive weapon makes her a brawler.


I’m not sure why it’s purely offensive? It can be used to change direction without hunters knowing. It can slow the hunters down. It can cause them to waste abilities. You can still hide.


Try and think of a scenario where it is defensive. I dare you.


If you make the decoy ignore hunters and just run to the opposite of direction then I think she’ll become more stealthy


didnt i say this in the stream today?


I agree, but I don’t expect that to be added. Wraith was always meant to be a fighter, but one that snuck in got strikes and bounced. Decoy was supposed to be used as a fighting ability but It’s rare that it is. It needs to be changed. I would t mind if they let you cloak and even choose when you want to spawn it receiving some type of damage if you don’t spawn it during the cloak time.

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Shedder so salty when it comes to wraith, I wouldn’t care either way


Let’s all be friends


Say what?