*REVEAL* Refuel Tower: The New and Promising Map


[IGN FIRST: Refuel Tower Map Footage:][1]
[1]: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/11/25/evolve-refueling-tower-map-reveal-ign-first?watch

First impression so far, very distinct and dynamic map, alternating between caothic zones full of wreckage and small accessible buildings - into vast open areas (full of cliffs) along the river that leads into a compact & unique forest.

Get HYPE folks!

Edit: More extended gameplay:


Also the river runs through the top and bottom of the map and you don’t make tracks at all when in the water. Of course you will have to get out of the water to get food, but it’s a nice way to get around fast but not make a bread crumb trail. Time for the snow map!


The layout of this map seems very clever, because of the River factor that runs across all the sectors of the map and the big choke point in the center.

Like @Bear_Stream mentioned you can clean your tracks with great ease BUT it also exposes you more due to the river lack of cover and preferably for being the most favorable place for hunters to fight.


I think this could be my new favourite map. I love that big open area near the top and the scrapyard.


How many maps do we have now, 6 or 7? I’m assuming this is the last map on this planet and the rest will be the next planet.


Well sheer is a big planet so I would imagine we will get more maps on it. Besides we don’t want a bunch of one environment planets


That’s what I was saying. If we’re at 6-7 maps on shear I think the next 6-7 will be another planet. Game is supposed to launch with 12-14 maps…believe those are the numbers I’ve seen pop up. I imagine and hope each dlc map pack is a new planet each time.


kinda disappointed. map looks the same. nothing unique to set it apart


i really like this map the scrapyard is cool and lots of bushes to hide :slight_smile:


I liked this map, the river brings so many options for the monster! I’m so excited for this game :smiley:


I beleive so, I’ve read multiple times 10+ maps on final release. The thing though, releasing more maps via (New Planet DLC) would only happen If it was a free DLC. Why? because it would split the player-base into those who had the new maps and those who don’t …you don’t have this issue with a Hunter/Monster DLC because you can still play rounds togheter with any new hunters/monster with no issue whatsoever.


Well they said that all map DLC would be free, so we might get more planets although I am personally fond of sheer


The layout is very unique, that’s what will matter in play, also the junkyard and refuelling tower are unique to this map.

It really confuses me when people whinge saying all the maps look the same, because they really don’t. I think people are just used to being beaten over the head with bright colours signifying “this is a different zone now!”, like in WoW / Diablo / Borderlands… Last map was mostly green so the next one is bright red to clearly define a change. The changes are subtle in Evolve, but help to sell it as a real place.

Also, I suspect the reason everything is set on Shear at the moment is due to having to invent entirely new flora and fauna to convincingly represent another planet, and that’s quite a lot of work. Hopefully there’ll be more planets in future, but in the near future I think everything will be set on Shear. Although there’s still plenty of room for fun and interesting maps on Shear, and they could introduce a new biome with a different feel and new tactical map elements.


I really like this map

All of my Favorite Wildlife is on this map (Blitzers, Tyrants and Armadon)

The Jungle is awesome


The whole game takes place on Shear. As of right now, that is the only planet that Evolve takes place on. DLC might introduce a new planet but it’s doubtful


It feels VERY Isla Sorna to me, probably the most truly wild of the maps so far


I thought they said another planet will be in the release.

Never mind, just found an article saying it’s all on Shear. I thought it was mentioned that a whole new planet would be included with all different wildlife.


Nope, it’s just going to be Shear. I think it was stated somewhere that they COULD do another planet, but there wasn’t any real reason at this time. Only Shear will be available at launch.


Thanks for the clarification and heartache.


It’s 12 minimum confirmed for release, though there may be more.