Returning to the game and looking to go competitive [PS4]


I played evolve since day one however after the first month i saw that the game was heading into a dead end. LUCKILY it didn’t and after about a year i’m looking to get back into it and i plan on going competitive. now i don’t think i’m god like at the game but i would say i’m pretty decent and could easily co-operate with teams. However i have been out of the loop so i don’t know match ups and things of that nature, but i’m willing to learn. For about the first month i played i was top 20 (I believe) as Kraken and top 50 as a trapper my lowest ranked character was assault at about top 300. I could be remembering things wrong and none of this information is probably relevant now but its the best i’ve ever done in a game ever. Anyways if anyone would want to party up and get me back in the loop of things I would gladly become a everlasting member of a community I ditched long ago

P.S. anyone remember the chappie challenge?


What platform are you on?


Shunty’s questions is pertinent.

Also, how long has it been since you played? I know the post says last was a month after release, but have you played since wanting to get back into it? You should really practice before you try ranked again. There are a lot of things you’ll find that are different.


ps4 currently


i thought i said about a year. also i’m fully aware that i’m not ready for ranked right out of the gate but it is in my best interest to play ranked as soon as i’m ready


You did say about a year, but I was wondering if you’d played today or something, given your interest.

You should edit the title to say [PS4] or something so other PS4 players can find it without having to read the thread.


A lots changed in that year,new hunters,new monsters,new balancing so get practising again also the hunter boost dodge was nerfed so you got to time it more now and also while in the air your jet pack fuel doesn’t drain.


I actually had interest to return late last year but just never got around to it, also i’m currently re-downloading the game. I would like to say i’m not just returning for the nostalgia factor because I really love this game but had no one to play with back then due to the fairly dead community. Anyways thanks for the help


Glad to help. If you ever need it or have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. That’s what the forums are for.


PS4 struggles with strong disconnects at the moment, I woul recommend to wait.


I don’t know about competitive, but if you want someone who misses 50% of the domes they put down, I’m your guy.

Just think of the possibilities.


yeah man i just need someone to play with so i can get back into the game and not get bored due to disconnects and brain dead teammates