Returning to Evolve


I haven’t played Evolve for at least 10 months, but i liked Evolve a lot, i made it my GOTY 2015 and want to play again. I have the PC Monster Race Edition with 114h played and the PS4 version with only a few hours playtime. Since i don’t have a fast internet, i wonder which version i should update/download. What has the bigger playerbase?


Glad to see you returning!

See, this time, I can welcome him back and not seem unoriginal. No dilemma this time. (Small inside joke, if there is a single person that gets it)

Unfortunately, I can’t create a more useful post. I too have only recently gotten back into Evolve, but from what I’ve seen PS4s activity is pretty solid.


Do you mean that most players play Evolve on PS4? How many are they on PS4 compared to the other platforms?

PS: I don’t have a PS4.


PS4 player base is probably stronger but that is from what I see on Twitch and from the players I know on Evolve PS4


I don’t know the numbers myself for a valid comparison, but I find games fast and I’ve seen people on the forums compare PS4 to XBOX Playerbase and say PS4s comes out on top.


No one knows numbers, anecdotally people seem to agree more people are on ps4 evolve right now. There is a bit of a relaunch coming in the next month or two though, so whatever you choose now you may end up changing later, not that it should make any difference that you do change!


If Evolve wasn’t that hated that much in the beta, more people would play it. I don’t know if it’s me but I feel like there’s more and more games hated today, from Fallout 4 to Evolve, etc…
People today no longer analyse a game properly, causing the game to be badly rated by the community.


Ok, i will update PS4 first, 15 GB to go. Then i will download the 40 GB of the PC version during the next week. Dang it, i backup every steam game before i uninstall it, but Evolve i didn’t insert Naked Gun facepalm gif here

I have a lot of skins on the PC version and all T4 hunters. PS4 version i only have the free Behemoth so far.


Hey Dude,
I got it on both plattforms too.
PS4: T-Dizzle838
PC (Steam): T-Dizzle #Kleinkind
Please add me to ya friends- list.


We hope you stay forever this time muhahaha starts cleaning the dungeon also would you like to donate your soul? of course you will!

Update ps4 pc playerbase is very low atm


Jack made me come back to evolve! :jack_mask:


Glad you’re coming back! I’m also a PS4 user, my PSN is meg_is_here12. Haven’t been playing recently though because Overwatch is a thing. You’ve missed 4 brand new hunters, 1 brand new monster, 4 hunter variations (8 more to come) and 2 monster variations (1 more to come). We’ve also got a huge update coming in the next 67 days.


Done. I usually don’t use a Headset though.


Yeah, i noticed that. I am watching GrizzleMarine’s Videos on YouTube and have learned about the changes. Looking forward to playing again.


This is universally well praised, which I find baffling given how unoriginal and lackluster it is.


We can’t see numbers like on Steam bit there are lots of players on PS4. Definitely more than a hundred a day like Steam has.


PS4. PC player base is extremely low atm.


I let my PS4 run and download the patch all day. Did a couple of matches as monster vs bots to get back into the game. But then the matchmaking put me into games as hunter, usually as the ones i have never played. Those games went well. For the monster :smiley: I was playing like someone who holds a controller for the first time :astonished:

I was never good as hunter, jetpack management never was a strength of mine.

But then i got a couple of games as Meteor Goliath and won those.

I tried to find a ranked match, but after 5 mins of searching i gave up on it.


Hopefully ranked will be easier to get into once we get more players.

Just enjoy your quickplay for now.
You can add me on PSN as well if you would like.


Oh sweet, people are still playing Evacuation, my favourite mode. Only Co-op so far, couldnt find PVP games, since i prefer playing monster.

Tech Sgt. Hank is awesome, love to play him. Support and Hank are my favourite role/hunter.