Returning skins?

after seeing (and taking part of) this weekend challenge, I realised that the predator Maggie skin was released a while ago with the rest of the trappers, which made me wonder, will any of the monster skins return as well? I really like the gold skins but I missed the event, and with the behemoth gold skin revealed is it possible they would re-release the skins in part of a pack? or maybe just behemoth?

Turdle rock, please make the gold skins available again, even if I have to pay for them.

The thing with the gold skins is that they werent a challenge, they were a “Thank you” to the dedicated players in the first month for supporting them. The Maggie skin was part of the trapper challenge when we played Griffin, we had to earn that one.


ohh, well figures I couldn’t get the game until after payday,… I have terrible luck.
but thinking about it, they could have it if you play so many hours you get a free skin, or if you follow them on Facebook/twitter they give you a code or something. I don’t know :confused:

Ehhh. Probably not. I’m sure one of the devs showed the behemoth gold skin off on a TRS stream- actually iirc it was @MajorLeeHyper (correct me if I’m wrong), bloody tease.
But I’m also sure it was @DamJess who said that we might get a challenge to earn the bob gold skin at some point in the “future”? Not sure if she was telling the truth or not :stuck_out_tongue: Hell. We might even see a Gold skin for T5 Monster. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

yea, i’m not sure about you though, but if they where going the make the T5 monster’s gold skin it would look odd :stuck_out_tongue:

All the gold skins look odd. xD

One day the devs will make a monster who’s basic skin colour is gold, just to mess with people


“Gold skin”
B-but… He’s already gold… ;_;

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Yeah, repeating skin challenges is fine for those who missed out and all, but honestly, I hope they don’t redo the gold ones. They were a special thank you and I thought that was a really cool gesture. I’d love a gold Behemoth, but if they were gonna do that one, they should’ve done it around his release as another thank you. At this point, it doesn’t make much sense.

Some of us prepurchased the PCMR edition, but didn’t start playing until April because they were locked in a futile attempt to catch up on sleep due to their newborn twins! :joy: :sob:

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How do you know it would look odd? We haven’t even seen the new monster yet.

But I do think gold on any monster looks strange.

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If it makes you feel any better, the Gold Skin just makes the monster’s look like they are made of dirty Mac’N’Cheese.

Also, there is already a Behemoth Gold Skin, meaning there will probs be a T5M Gold Skin as well. The Gold Skins are the developer skins, meaning every dev has a Gold Skin for every monster.

Gold kraken sounds so weird, just picturing those golden tentacles

Have you not seen? :stuck_out_tongue:

is not my picture

Guya get it - Golden skins aren’t for public anymore. You won’t be getting them for future monsters, including the Goliath.

I always thought the gold was the elite skins… I’ve never seen one

Elite skins are albino monster skins just like elite wildlife are albino.

I dont like the Idea of giving away the gold skins again… They where meant to be Dev exclusives and only went public because of a small mistake on a stream. It was a reward for people that played in the beginning and not really a challenge.


I think a chance to earn golden skins for new monsters should be allowed, but the current ones should stay… unless TRS wants to do a 1 year celebration, or something like that.

They should make a silver skin or platinum or something for people who are newer so the devs can keep their gold

Or devs can have platinum