Returning players thoughts


Evolve has been a love hate game for me since it released. I played the beta, I played hundreds of hours after release, I tried to defend it and I tried to enjoy it.

I will admit that I gave up on the game. The problems just kept building and building with no easy outcome in sight. I gave up on the frustration and the headache of playing this game. Seriously by the time I quiet, which was back in Jan of this year, I was literally to the point of physically breaking things on my desk because of this game.

Now I have come back to see what all these hyped up big changes are and I have some serious mixed feelings.

The map changes are well appreciated and a nice change of pace.
The timer changes make the fighting more interesting.
The feel of both the Monsters and Hunters feel right.


Many of the old problems are still here. I’m not talking the marketing issues or any of those OLD issues from release. I’m talking the issues that drove so much of the player base away over time. I’m talking all the little issues that continued to pile up one after another. I’m talking the issues that slowly straggled the life out of the player base. And to make it worse, I can see more little issues that will build up over time and repeat the cycle all over again.

I get the direction that they are going with this version of the game, I really do. And I have had some fun in the couple hours that I have been playing. But I honestly can not say that I enjoy seeing all the old issues again. And NO i will not list out ever single issue. There are plenty of post on the forums about them already.

Now I will play my own devil’s advocate here, this version is in beta and things will change I’m sure and that is a big reason why I’m not ranting about this. So i will save my opinion about staying with the game or moving on again for later.

SO in closing, old and new players, help these guys out. Give them feedback, both good and bad and for now do like me and give it a little time to adjust before coming at it with an axe.


Could you maybe list a few of the issues? I’m not trying to be sarcastic or anything, I just genuinely don’t undesrtand what the issues are that you’re talking about.


It would help if you listed some issues. Because without them, this topic is kind of useless (no offense to you, but we need some feedback)


Agreed. Not to hijack your thread but one of these little things that drove people away was the way queuing worked. Solo players became too valuable as monsters regardless of if they wanted monster or not, groups were not allowed to play monster and so were just stuck waiting for the solo players who wanted to play hunter but would leave as soon as they got stuck with monster…

Those little things were not only left in, they’ve been brought back and I’m not sure this will keep me here this time either.


Gotcha, thanks for clarifying. That was pretty frustrating back in the day (granted I’m predominantly a Monster player, but still…)


I’m a monster player too.

And it is the most frustrating thing in the world to have to choose to play a MP game with your friends but then not be allowed to play the role that you basically bought the game for…


Let me see if I can generalize some of the issues. But Like I said I’m not going to break it down issue for issue that’s been done to death and back here.

Balance is probably still the biggest issue and does cover a lot of the other little issues. individually the Hunters seem balanced in there own rights but as I’m certain veteran players can support. There are hunter comps that throw balance across the entire board, from super easy to deal with to flat out impossible to deal with. (Just to be clear I had elite on nearly every Monster and Hunter in the old version. I wasn’t just some casual on the game.) Certain Healers can still out heal the monsters damage and certain supports can still block off the bulk of the monster damage, or make the monster feel like a wet bag in wind tunnel. Hunter CC is still either problematic to deal with or impossible to get away from.

And yes the monsters here have there own balancing issues. Some of the monsters in this version can easily take out the Hunters at stage 1 while others still struggle all the way through stage 3, if they even make it out of stage 1.

With or with out the player skill involved you can see certain aspects of both sides that have been carried over from the old version into this BETA. Now I could go through each and every single Hunter and Monster and make a list of individual issues but again…that has been done here. New players may not see it but the vets surely will and have already.


Thank you for clarifying, I understand where you’re coming from now.


I don’t mind constructive hijack. The devs need to hear from those vets that have come back and are speaking up on what they are seeing and how they feel about the game right now.


But at the same time, it was frustrating when they changed it so members in parties could become monsters because now you can’t quick play as hunters (when you pretty much bought the game to only play hunters). This was especially annoying with a party of four hunters there was essentially a 4/5 chance that one of your players who want to play hunter get the monster. It could be said that this group of people should play ranked but I personally don’t enjoy the try hard point orientated often non-fun focus of ranked. It makes me feel forced to choose characters that I play more effective as but don’t enjoy playing just to increase my chance of winning. Yet if we want to casual group hunt with my friends as hunters 90% of the time one of us will be monster.


Well if I were to implement it, it would be entirely an “opt-in” since to avoid boosting you would have to have reduced rewards for winning (either side).

Basically by default it would work like it currently does, in a group monster is automatically disabled. You can enable it but doing so brings up a “warning, by opting into monster in a party your party will receive reduced rewards”.

This way everybody wins.