Returning after 2 months to the game

Jesus christ what did they do?

I played my 10 provisional games and lost each one as monster. I don’t remember sucking anywhere near this bad but it felt like Goliath stage 2 is just shredded now. A level 3 rock throw with the damage perk not even halfing a dudes health? That new trapper that just cockblocks any attempt at an attack I make?

I’ve got some reading up to do it seems.

The new balance awards point spreading over the old “All in 1 ability”

Jack will stop almost 100% of forward momentum as long as you are moving in his general direction (aka focus someone the other way and you’ll be golden. Get it. Golden. Hue.)

That seems counter intuitive when I want out of that dome, rather not have Annie Lennox dumping on my face in close quarters thanks.

yep spread your abilities. 3.3 is not viable anymore. never really was last patch either.

Am I just supposed to run until 3 now? I used to enjoy trying to fight stage 2 as a challenge but there’s just way to much damage and cockblocking it almost feels like a waste.

no your spose to fight stage 1,2 and 3 trying to get a strike or 2 in each stage. try going 1-1-1 or 2-1 stage 1. then stage 2 go 2-2-2 or 3-2-1. trust me youll get a down.

The stage one damage on each ability is not the equivalent of the old stage two. The best strategy I’ve found so far is to start with one point in three abilities at stage one to maximize my chances of escaping an early dome, then maxing one ability and grabbing the fourth at stage two. It’s worked well so far!

As for tactics, try getting more early down penalties. I’ve found the more I run, the more trouble I have. You gotta get some early trades to have success. I usually have one stage one fight, two stage two fights, and if it isn’t over by then, a stage three fight.

I would avoid fights stage 1 you’re noy very durable so only engage if you have environmental help or surprise factor. If you get caught in a dome stage 1its better to fight unless you have a good hiding spot.
S2 is where most of the game yakes place. Go in with armor, get a strike on anyone(it helps) but try to go after support or medic. Once your armor is gone disengage unless in a dome. Don’t try to stick around to confirm a death if your taking a lot of damage, the strike is good enough.
I try to get 2 strikes on either support or medic before stage 3.
Use stage 3 to regain health and add armor, then finish it off.

You’ve been gone awhile then. I never play monster and have gone 3-1 with monster play so far. And I only lost because the map was foundry and it’s terrible. 2 wins with Goliath at stage 1 and 1 with behemoth. My loss came with Goliath sadly. But I feel I could have won that on a different map.

Whenever I come back from even only 3 - 4 weeks away, I need quite a few matches to get back into the swing of things, if not more. Not only have you not played for longer than that, but there’s also been a couple of massive updates. I would expect it would take a while to get back into the swing of things. If you haven’t already, I’d advise going into Solo, to test out how different abilities work with the new patch :slight_smile:

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