Restarting app to find games (ps4)


Just curious what’s with that? I mean after 2 or 3 matches everyone’s gotta restart the app or we never find a game.


I’ve never had to do that before. Maybe it’s on your end.


Hmm you play on ps4? Me I’m sure it’s safe to say all the ppl I’ve played with do this regular if we can’t find a match in 5-10min we restart our app and then it takes like a min to find a match


Yeah, I’m on PS4.


No, everyone I know does this. “Ok, restart your apps” is the rallying cry of PS4.


Sometimes you get the message “Connection to host failed” when trying to join a party.
The only way to fix this is by restarting the app. Then it works again.

I assume it’s the same/a similar issue when trying to join a server for a match. The game does find an opponent, but is unable to connect to the host. You just don’t get an error message.
Restarting the app will fix this again.
That’s my theory.


Sounds legit


Sometimes, like I mean rarely sometimes, it would fail to connect to the servers and I have to restart the game… But once I am playing, I always get matches. Even though its always defend :frowning:


Ugh I hate defend so much…


I do like it, but when it is Back to Back, I hate it

I play more Defend than regular hunt… Probably a 2:1 or more


Don’t really quick play much


I honestly hate Hunt 2.0
Waste of space in my opinion. To play hunter, you need a party.


Yeah but at the same time it means I don’t have to play with ppl who are horrible and have no desire to get better just wanna run In with medic and pistol whip perk


@Theskinkyone @Kishan_Devkaran Try and stay on topic guys. :wink:

I’m on ps4 also. I haven’t played in awhile though so I can’t really remember having issues like this. It happened, but not often.


Or when you back out of a game you get the message that says “you are no longer signed into PSN” and then are forced to restart.


Yeah me and my friends always have to restart the game on ps4 for these things:-

1-can’t join a party
2-kicks you & says check your internet connection when your online!
3-can’t find games even with full party
4-can’t select role just get a error noise as if your blocked from clicking 1,sometimes the roles get a red aura around them.
5-sometimes on ranked you get placement matches again so a restart gives your rank back & stats.


That’s my life right there.


Most times restarting fixes the problem with the game not keeping your party together on PS4.