Restart round vote


I would love to just remove the option to restart rounds. Why? Because people are becoming annoying turds with it. Lol They don’t get their way, a minute later they try again. I’m not speaking from a monster or hunter point of view. I’m just saying it’s getting annoying. It is especially annoying when hunters try that with the monster because they messed up and got pounced while being too far from the group. Live with it and try harder on the next round. I know some people will say, but what about if a bug happens and hank falls through the map? Well that’s really just too bad. Would most hunters vote for a restart when a bug occurs that favors them? No.
I’ve seen hunters stuck in the sky shooting the monster and of course he can’t do a thing about it. I’ve seen a monsters suddenly freeze and it’s obvious something is wrong, but everyone just jumps the monster. I stop firing and if I’m the trapper I take down the dome too, but suck kindness is rare from what I see. Not to mention there shouldn’t be any bugs to begin with. As for the kind hunters and monsters that are fair in those situations, thanks for that and I hope more people pick up on that. If someone thinks there could be a better way, I’d like to hear it.


restart round without allchat is a thought process that i can not follow at all to begin with.

“oh yeah, i should vote yes because i totaly don´t know whats up with the hunters 300 meter in that direction”

however, i always vote restart round when i join a game in progress. so it has its merits.


What platform are you on? Here on PC I rarely see anyone abuse the restart round button, eh… We’re kinda small here though, so some people know eachother and just message eachother like
ex. X’s friend Y is playing the monster, X is playing hunter.
X notices that assault is stuck in the sky from the beginning, he messages Y, asking him to go through with the vote restart
Happy fun times!
Though, even if hunters arent friends with the monster, I rarely see people abusing or refusing to vote rightly on PC. ><


I’m on Xbox. It seems to be a new thing going on. Usually lower level guys too, but not always.


Yeah, I never vote yes when I don’t even know what’s going on. I see so many others doing it though. You have no clue why someone is trying to restart the match, but you vote yes anyway? How could someone be so brainless?


I when I play with random people and I have to be a hunter and I only have a human companion in the game to start the game (two a.i in the team, it is impossible against a Kraken or Wraith). Choose to restart round for us to be 4 Humans and harder defeat an expert monster and moreover, when new teammates join to the party, they can choose their correct hunter with perks.


I agree. Some people just spam it. It’s really distracting and obnoxious. I think you should be limited to one restart request per round and that’s all. It seems with some people, no matter how many times they get voted down, they just keep trying and when they don’t get their way, they leave.

Oh, I also wish it said the name of the person requesting the restart. I’d be more sympathetic to someone who just dropped in and know to avoid the spammy d-bags. Also, if it wasn’t anonymous, I think people would use it less often.


Showing who requested the restart could be a good thing, in a similar sense to the way CSGO/L4D announces the voter.


BTW who thought it would be a good idea to put Yes and No right next to each other? F9 and F10. why not F5 and F10 or something like more than 1 cm away. More than once i pressed the wrong button because in the heat of the moment i reach there and… will never do that again -.-


If the game didn’t have bugs that cause the need of a restart there would be no need to vote lol


its handy for custom games


It’s useful if people are glitched or if somebody starts late and wants to change their character. In my experience, rounds don’t tend to actually pass the vote when it’s just somebody raging.


Most people won’t restart cause they go oh yay free win if and use that to their advantage





You see a monster glitched most people will just shoot and kill them for the win, see 2/4 hunters dead from dropship glitch go kill the last 2 free win


Ah, I see.


The kick votes in Left 4 Dead eventually got ridiculous and promoted griefers. I can see more people trying this restarting thing in the future.


Luckily I don’t see the restart round vote come up often, and when I do it’s almost always simply because people came in after the character selection and had no choice in their class/character/perks/monster and all that, or if some bug has occurred. That being said I got my experience of people refusing to restart at the beginning of the round due to them having a clear advantage, I got thrown into a game as a bot monster just starting out and sitting right underneath the drop ship right as the hunters drop in so I try to restart the round, they all voted no because of the “Lol easy win” mentality. I killed them all at stage 1 shortly after, and when I had the last hunter pounced surprise, they suddenly wanted to restart the round then.


The chat system in Evolve (PC) is realy not enjoyable and need to be revisited.

  • Some one talked to you but you were looking something else ? Too late! There is no chatbox, no history at all.

  • You send your message when the loading just finished ? Write everything again because it just disappeared !

  • No general chat, team chat ONLY. It exist since the first multiplayer games on PC, what was wrong ??


I play on the One with a group of friends at all times. If the Monster player starts a vote it is a rarity so we accept it, because then something is off. Very few people use it in my experience. Whenever they usually do is when it is a join-in-progress.