Restart Round Vote Under Hunter's Control = Bad


This is a HUGE complaint I have, as the Restart Round Vote in the esc menu is, as I imagine, to be used when the game has such a game breaking glitch it cant be properly played in that round. Someone puts it up, the round restarts, problem solved, great.


If the Monster has a problem and needs to restart the round:

Even with pleading in the /all chat, the Hunters will not, under any circumstances, restart that round as they get a win for free. Because they have the majority vote, they have complete control over the vote, and the Monster just gets a big ‘at least you tried’ before losing the match with nothing to do about it. This is bullshit, frankly, and something that needs to be talked about as to how this should work, or be fixed.


The best thing to do is to use all chat (type /all before your message) to appeal to the hunters to restart. There is no other solution as any other solution is to allow for the monster to restart the game at its will if things go bad.


If things go bad for the monster, he loses, because, as I’ve experienced before, the moment you would need to restart the round, that’s the moment they know they just got a free win. They wont restart it for fun, they just win and move on.


“they” are a diverse range of people and while some hunters may only care about the win, others care about fun. I know that the kind of premades that I’ve ran with in the past wouldn’t hesitate to help vote for a restart if the monster was having problems.


For those good sported people, I would be happy if they restarted it. But for the vast majority, including many premades, they just want to win. Now that you brought up premades though, its even worse, as a team of premades that knows they have lost can just restart the round with majority vote (if it works that way, I’ve never witnessed a round restart) and they get a free retry to kill the monster. Doesn’t this seems a little problematic?

The Monster should get a big say in this vote I feel, so it should be something like Monster is 50% vote, that way even if 3/4 of the Hunters are gonna be dicks about it, that one can save the Monster’s enjoyment, and play the game right. Its not perfect, but that’s as good a way to do it as I can think.


Yep, most hunters won’t agree especially .
I have played against hunter who kept saying f** to me after a match ,all cause they had to run through whole map to find me …

Forum is really nice with good members but same can’t be said for game atm.


The monster has to vote to restart in order to allow it as far as I’m aware.

Just to reiterate, there isn’t a solution to your particular problem here that wouldn’t be abused by poor sportsmanlike monsters.


Maybe @Insane_521 can verify or someone, but I’m pretty sure this is how it works. I’ve had games restart when only three people voted to, so one of those would have been the monster, and two would have been half the hunter team.


I was winning and about to kill the last hunter, then they voted to restart and guess what? I didn’t vote because I was too concentraded trying to kill the Trapper (Last hunter) and the match restarted. I had to quit the game after 20+ min trying to win the game, so I wasted my time for nothing. Maybe I’m just wrong but if anyone doesn’t vote then it’s counted as NO, right? I could have restarted the match but I’m pretty sure they’d try the same again if I was winning again, so I quit.


If that can happen then I feel it shouldn’t.