Restart Messages - a simple feature that'd be very helpful


When you start a vote to restart a match, please allow us to type in a message describing why. This message should be able to be seen by both sides.

Right now, if someone puts up a vote to restart a match nobody really knows why (unless you’re the hunter and you inform your teammates). Often times, there is an issue that prompts the restart, but this issue can’t be communicated to the other side. This results in times where a restart would be perfectly reasonable, but not all players accept it because they’re unaware of it. Being able to add a message (even a small one) would help with situations like these.


Yes! This is a good idea. Oftentimes we have a hard time getting a monster player, so we sit at character select letting the timer run down. If a monster player joins in the last 5 seconds or so before the game autostarts, we usually start a vote to give them a chance to choose their monster/perk/build, but for some reason they often vote no.


This is extremely needed


Yes please
With a cherry on top
A proper good quality cherry none of that cheap rubbish


Great idea. Its nice to restart a round when the trapper falls through the map due to over excitement.


It would help… Monster declines 99.9999% of the time; so hunters can never restart a game.

Monster wants to restart because he made a bad play, and we found his tracks at start? Restarts the game, and 1 dumb hunter clicks yes, and restarts…


Likewise, I think this is an excellent idea. I had a match recently where I downed their Caira as Behemoth almost immediately, then got the restart vote. Turns out, her body had fallen through the map- which I believe, since I had tried to tongue pull the area I knew the body was but it failed, and shortly after I got the death message for the medic. Had they been able to tell me what had happened, I would have agreed to restart. As it was, my first instinct was to get suspicious and deny the vote.


Mhmm… I’ve fallen through the map on hunters as well, and monster never accepts.