Rest In Peace Gobi


I just found out that Gobi, TRS’ mascot bearded dragon had passed away in June at 10 years old. He was a very cool guy and it was a bummer to hear the news.


Gobi is gone but definitely not forgotten at TRS.


Waiiit, when I was in the lobby last time, you were talking about a so called Gobi, saying that he had died at the age of 10 years old. I was thinking it like “Holly hell, a kid from the forums died? That’s horrible!” but then you came with this revelation and now I feel like an idiot.

I always liked reptilians, they look cute to me. Too bad I didn’t knew TRS had one in their office.


Bummer. I had a bearded dragon briefly, named Nicol Bolas. He died suddenly one night after only several months.


Can we have a tortuous next please? I used to have 2 when I was little and they got too big so I gave them away. Would love to see one prowling round the studio!


Death has only granted Gobi omnipotence

Gobi sees all

Rip Gobi :gobi:


Could this weekend get any worse…


Rest in Peace Gobi

I hope you’re warming your scales on some lovey bug riddled beach somewhere in Lizard Shangri La.


Awwwwwww, thanks for letting us know. :lizard::heart:


Honestly, animal deaths are so much more tragic to me than human deaths. Sad news indeed.


aawww! That’s so sad. Rest in Peace Gobi, you wonderful little lizard! :lizard:


ohh nooo… Gobi… why…
why must i find out this news at the passing of Stage 2 too…

i edited Gobi in that picture, Apr '17.


Rest in peace Gobi, you beautiful reptile


New artwork by TRS concept artist Jon Kuo:



Aww makes me wanna cri. Gobi! He needs to somehow make it into your next title.


hang on I’m struggling with it still, the image is so big it broke everything


…with the power of Gobi awesomeness.


How do I make it show the whole image? It just shows the top half! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

EDIT: never mind, solved, sorry for posting ineptitude


Sometimes it does this to me. I clicked and it enlarged, so no worries. Now I see the full thing showing up in the forum.


Wow, gorgeous artwork… :open_mouth: