Respawn's new offices: "TOUR OUR NEW OFFICE SPACE"


After a few years, several renovations and getting Titanfall shipped, we finally outgrew our original office space in Van Nuys, CA. At the beginning of the year we moved into our new home, a multi-building complex in the San Fernando Valley with plenty of space for us to grow, work and play. Our new space has all sorts of cool stuff which we invite you to take a tour of below. A special thank you to our creative community for supplying some of the artwork that hangs in our halls and staircases!

I have to say I’m really loving this cozy industrialized feel to the place.

Keeping things on track.

Pilot is getting ready for combat or is it for the Force?

That stache is deadly!

I supose this is the lobby?

Look at all this stuff we’re not allowed to see yet. :slight_smile:

More stuff we’re not supposed to see yet.

The whole gang, I think that’s most of them at least. I can only recognize a few from the Titanfall days. :smiley:


Meanwhile my workspace is more like


My work space be like this


Dang, these places make me really hate my job. :cry:

They get to work on video games as well as work in a building that has a gym and ping pong.


This is the kind of stuff that cements me into wanting to work at a game studio. Seriously, I really enjoyed Titanfall despite it becoming repetitive rather quickly and lacking a story. Like Evolve it was different and looking to do something unique that no other thing had done. They actually share a lot of similarities while Titanfall was more of a shooter than Evolve ever has been.

Honestly this is awesome. Also, I spy with my little eye a Darth Vader helmet or a very Darth Vader esque lamp.


They do have similar feels to them, the dynamic between pilots and titans and the hunters with the monsters are what really lured me into loving the two games.
The sense of community that both devs put into communicating with the community and how they like to troll us is also a fun part of the game. It just felt like everybody contributed to what they wanted the game to be.

The whole space colonization (though its not unique to the two) thing that is going on and the type of technology available between the two worlds as well as the settings make the games feel almost as if they could belong in the same universe. The basilisk war vs hub and the many far out planetary colonies vs the IMC. From the way the maps are designed you can see how well both monsters and titans would move around in each of their maps.

I feel all good inside whenever I think about it. :smile:

Which picture?


Fifth one from the bottom.


That is so cool. I’ve never watched SW before or played any of its games, but I’m look forward to it I guess. I wish we could see what they were working with on all those pixelated artworks. :laughing:

edit: Also both of them allow me to wreck havoc with twerking posts.