Respawn Beacon


I don’t know why you can’t opt-in to the respawn beacon like you can with the dropship. Seems like a design flaw to me. You should be able to given the fact that you’re downed and for whatever reason you may still be alive when the beacon comes to it’s climax so it seems like… well as I said earlier… a design flaw.


It might be because the “Respawn at dropship” button doesn’t actually respawn you at the drop ship itself, but kills you the moment before, which would be awkward if the beacon were destroyed at the same time as the game kill you, so that you die for nothing.

But I agree with you Shredder, it should be a feature and if that is the reason it is not, then I suggest that a solution is made to avoid that (be it making the beacon invincible the very last tick or re-doing the system), rather than stepping around the problem by not adding ability in the first place.


Bump because this is a thing.


Probably for the same reason you don’t let someone get down and plant a beacon just to pick someone up and you can zerg him with impunity.

The downed mechanic is to balance gaining strikes and being able to throw ‘bodies’ at the baddie. If you could do it while downed it would make zerg rushing with the beacon even stronger. Just have emet sit at 150 meters from the relay and trickle hunters in 1 by 1 and keep pinging the monster off forever. No thanks.

At least this way the monster can do something against cheese tactics. If you allowed people downed then the monster would have even less counters to the beacon.


Wouldn’t the solution be for the monster to engage the all-two-strike hunters and instawipe them?


In pure theory:
Laz can keep team alive shorter - ergo less damage in dome (he places multiple weakspots to recompensate). But he can prevent strikes so power relay fight: monster with plenty health and hunters with minimal or none strikes.

Other medics keep team alive longer ergo bigger damage. Relay fight: hunters with strikes and monster with soild health dmg.

Emet can keep team longer than Laz (but probably not that long like other medics) and deal some damage (bigger than Caira anyway and potentially more than Val) and when sbd is down he can pick them quicker but at cost of strikes. Similar with Laz next dome might be quicker cause no need to wait whole time for dropship. However deploying still gives 30+ sec. IMO Laz is better.

It very depends: monster may incap trapper and run, may finnish trapper then run, may finnish trapper then focus rest team, may incap any other team member first. Emet’s beacon is usefull when monster focuses trapper/sup/assault kill it, then run. Take into consideration that monster can get quickly a bit of armor and come back to charge and destroy the beacon.

Respawn beacon isn’t best idea for medic since usually he goes down first, then sup or trapper might be ready to run. Medic is alive? We continue fighting. Now knowing what Emet can do every thinking monster will especially target him to prevent quicker respawn. Giving beacon to support would be highly unfair for monster on the other hand.


Ahhh so that’s why his healing output is so low, TRS knew that if it were decent then Monsters would always target EMET first and then he wouldn’t ever be able to use the Respawn Beacon.

Seriously though - EMET really does have 2 skills that contradict each other and I think he’s in need of a buff in that regard real soon.

EMET is a Medic, who primarily (like every Medic):

  • Heals other Hunters
  • Makes it difficult to kill other Hunters first
  • EMET specifically excels at safe body camping, killing an incapped Hunter can take a while (like with RV and sometimes Slim) but EMET is definitely the safest to do this with.
  • For these reasons, EMET will be targeted first.

And then there’s the Respawn Beacon, which would only be useful if none of the above Medic advantages had existed.

EMET will be targeted first. EMET is a decent pick for keeping incapped Hunters from dying. EMET has seriously weak self healing and self defense.

The Respawn Beacon is a nice idea and it certainly fits a Medic better than any other role, but it simply doesn’t work in practice because of mentioned reasons.

And I really think this problem is a lot more serious then we make it out to be in this topic.
The only way for EMET to reliably use the Respawn Beacon is, 90% of the time, giving up on his team prematurely and abandoning them to die so that they might have a better chance in a later engagement.
And that is even assuming Monsters lets Medic get away safely.

‘Safely’ meaning far away enough to use the Respawn Beacon which will immediately attract the Monster so you can have a rematch but this time your teammates have strikes.
Sounds like a solid plan.

The only good use of the Respawn Beacon is to scare the Monster away with the idea of Hunters coming in real soon and it’s such an incredibly situation weapon that it can be pretty much ignored in determining EMET’s balance who, ironically enough, already seems relatively underpowered WITH the Respawn Beacon.


Perhaps removing the super obvious blue laser shooting into the sky from the Respawn Beacon is a good idea so the Monster will see the blue respawn timer and get stressed at not being able to find it.

I would imagine this becomes a frustrating experience for some Monster players though. Still, I’m all for it.

Allow EMET to stealthily place down the Respawn Beacon around a corner or in a bush and only at the very last 2-5 seconds will it shoot a blue beam into the sky.
This forces the Monster to either stay in the engagement betting that he’ll find the Respawn Beacon in time or run away fearing he won’t find it in time which would result in fighting all 4 Hunters again.

Sadly, this won’t change the fact that EMET will still be a primary target to the Monster and probably never will have a chance to deploy a Respawn Beacon in the first place.


I respect your opinion, but I think it would be better if they merely kept the piercing blue laser and instead lowered the 30 second warmup timer on the respawn beacon to something reasonable… usually you have to plant the respawn beacon far enough to the monster and teammates to cause a profitable distraction but it leaves your medic over extended from the team and not replacing his totems… if the actual timer were reduced to make the respawn beacon a real threat it would be more manageable

I know TRS doesn’t want to make a ability seem OP, but in my personal opinion in it’s current state it’s pretty useless as anything but the last ditch effort…
Like Emets claim to fame is that IF he dies last he shaves up to 1:30 seconds of the dropship timer…

My biggest issue is theirs just no effective way to stop a monster from destroying a deployable currently… if the big guy sees the beam and decides he wants it destroyed your screwed… every monster in the game has ranged attacks, betweenthat and traversals… not even a great trapper can keep a focused monster from doing ANY damage to a 1-2 shot deployable

If it was lowered to something like 10 to 15 seconds, had it’s health lowered to like 1HP, and maintained its 70 seconds cool down period… it would make EMET a much more valid contender as healer who has the ability to “mulligan” a bad monster encounter…Hell they should probably lower the CD on the beacon also, I mean it gives freaking strikes… isn’t that the punishment for death? Even if it brings them back in 30 seconds… that’s plenty of time for any monster to near fully armor up

Cause right now, he feels like the healer with two abilities in his loadout


Some tweaking would be nice to better “survivability” of beacon. I havent played against Emet as monster yet but I manage to lost my own beacon as Emet ^^ Blue beam isnt that visible form distance behind those all trees and rocks. Also it’s probably affected by LOD and disappears. 30 sec is short and long time, depends on perspective and situation really. But I think it’s pretty good, could be reduced like 28 sec max imo. Whole planting timer could be a bit shorter though. An increased “health” of beacon might be good, cause monster would have to acctually focus a beacon (but not that tough as Sunny’s drone).

I prefer to treat beacon as situational back-up ability, not regular boost like Laz’ cloak or Caira’s adrenaline. Focus on healing first :wink:


I would say make the beam less obvious if placed in caves and such. The whole blue lighthouse is a bit much.


@Deity_Pharaoh do you have footage of me and you fighting on Refueling Tower on the second round when I was Wraith? You put the beacon in a place where the blue beam didn’t shine.


Well the Monster can’t smell it…


Just saying that being able to see it easily in nearly any location is a bit much.


30sec for a down is still a lot and there have to die an other hunter before. At least there will be a strike. Seams balanced for me.


Hmmm, I might I’ll have to check once I get home .


I think Emet is probably single handedly one of the best medics, when it comes to healing output. Even if he is targeted hard he can tank it if he gets a little help from defensive supports like hank/sunny.

I played a couple games with hank/sunny and monster hard focused me but could not kill me. So it gave up and started attacking others. So it gave me time to sneak off and place beacon.

Problem is that dam beacon is like a huge star. They need to tone the light show down to make it useful. Right now the beacon is a luck thing. Which I think is not okay for one of the hunters to have an ability that relies on luck.

You need to be really lucky to be placed in a game with a extremely dumb monster for the beacon to actually kind off work.

I really think the beacon should have no lights and should instead give of a humming sound which monsters can try to track down. Then the last couple of seconds on the beacon will then make it shoot the giant laser in the sky.


That’s my strategy right now with the beacon. You wanna place it in a area where there is a “roof” you know something that will block the beacons light.

Only problem is that it’s really really hard to find spots like that and plus trying to sneak off from the monster to do so.

They need to just change the light show.


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