Respawn Beacon mastery


As most of you probably know, I haven’t been on these forums for a while, so I apologise if this has already been answered. I did look but I couldn’t find anything.

Is the mastery requirement for EMET’s Respawn Beacon being tweaked or are they taking a ‘do without or do it against bots’ approach?


I’ve been having to grind it with bots… It sucks.


I got to 18 when I stopped playing. Don’t feel like grinding much anymore


I cant blame you there.


Yep, when I was doing the mastery, I remember that I really wished that I didn’t had to do it with bots, with real players it was a pain in the butt :frowning:


It really sucks that you can’t really go for it in online play. but its super easy to grind out in solo mode. Arena, favors monster, let the team die and drop a respawn beacon then get as far away from it as you can while using cliffs to avoid getting wrecked by the bot


I was doing it in Nest because I still have a few un-mastered accolades and it hurt to look at them.


Yeah, just grind it out with bots. I typically did it in Broken Hill Murder Pits, using the AI glitch in the rectangular arena with infinite time and the advantage set to monster, I was typically able to get between 12 and 20 per game depending on how the AI behaved.

Still time consuming, but it sucks a little bit less.


I really dislike glitches, but given these very dire circumstances, can you tell me more about this glitch?


In certain arena domes the monster AI won’t recognize where a Hunter is in certain spots. Meaning the monster won’t attack the Hunter standing in those spots, so Emet can safely place a beacon.


I’m more or less in the same boat, but some of those mastery requirements have just made me say: “Screw it” just to get them done.

As for this glitch, in the Broken Hill Murder Pits there is a rectangular arena, you’ll recognise it when you spawn, as you typically spawn facing a downwards ramp, and a set of what looks like conveyer belts. What you want to do is immediately turn around and jetpack climb the wall roughly in the corner directly behind you and up to the next level. After that just run forwards to the back of the upper level and climb up to the highest point at the back of the map. Once you’re there the AI will seem to forget that you exist. You can pretty much just watch the bots all fight each other at that point and plant the Respawn Beacon the second the rest of your team dies and not have to worry about anything.


I dont know. I quite enjoyed kiting the Monster around for 30 seconds and abusing its AI flaws. I always love abusing AI flaws :smile:

Same with Kala’s teleporters’ mastery.


I fond it fun the first few times, bit after that it gets old.