Respawn and EA announces Star Wars game, and is hiring QA Testers! for Titanfall | 2 and a team for the Star Wars IP


Must be local to LA area, previous QA experience preferred but not required. Send resume to:

This sounds awesome, but we’re not yet sure if it is for Titanfall | 2 or their unannounced second IP.

Also other tweets from Respawn this week.

What’s in store fore TF|2

Titanfall developer working on a new Star Wars third-person action/adventure game. Also hiring
Titanfall developer working on a new Star Wars third-person action/adventure game. Also hiring

Come on, local to LA? I live in the East Coast!


I live across the pacific I don’t think I could swim there even if I wanted to.


What sort of qualifications do you need for QA in video games? I don’t live in LA, but I’m curious anyway.


I would say the following, at minimum:

  • Social skills, being able to plead your case to Devs if it’s needed and able to argue your point. You also need to be able to deal with difficult people, or just people who think something different.

  • Being open to change

  • Organized person

  • Critical thinking, you need to be able to find out what the consumer wants and then analyze what’s actually being said to find out what’s really needed.


Do you need certain schooling?


I’m actually considering packing my bags and heading out to LA. To be a QA tester is usually how game devs start out and I would like to have that first step.



Good communication and writing skills are an absolute must.


I think there would be a good amount of people here who may learn a lot from the kind of experience this offers!


Do QA testers get okay pay or is it pretty entry level? I would love and would most likely excel doing something like this but not sure I could support my family with it.

You can look and see what some people make on Glassdoor. It averages out if people have submitted how much they make at a company.


Take us with you!


I’m emailing them right now to ask them questions about the position. lol


Wish you the best!


Thanks man! I’ll probably have to take a plane there, but ya know how life is full of risks? I gotta take one some time lol.


I know that they’re paid by the hourly, their level payment not so much.

Like Rusty said QA testing is usually a nice starting stone in the world of Game Dev, the experienced and connections gained could help prove useful in the futute until you can get your feet onto better grounds.


What’s wrong with planes?


Nothing at all! I’ll just be making a huge move and it’ll be scary as hell lol


I thought you were gonna go all Alex Browning on me. :laughing:
Change is always scary that’s why many people don’t like it.