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So I was thinking. I have seen there has been an influx of new players for this game and since it is a unique experience, some people may want to bone up on how everything works. The only issue I saw was upon looking on Youtube all I really found was stuff from around the BETA or just after launch so all the data is outdated and doesn’t include any of the new characters.

Has anybody found anything more recent? What was it like? Would new players be better off seeing gameplay or more like explanations of the character classes/strats/compositions?


I dunno. Methinks if we talk to some of the people that stream or record videos regularly and ask them to make a new thread, or post here, or whatever, that would be kewl. Might even get this thread pinned so new players and forumites can “bone up” on info and strats.

As for that, not a lot of popular people will stream or record it anymore. Maybe the most popular ones are @GrizzleMarine, Somewhatawesome, and GhostRobo, but I don’t know for sure.


Ghostrobo records one video per new hunter/adaptation release, so it seems unlikely that we’ll see anything out of him. As for the other two, they’re small enough that you could probably ask them about it, but big enough that it might get noticed.

I like the idea of having a new players guide sort of thing pinned on the forums, though. :smiley_cat:


This should be enough.


Funny you mention this. I recently was in the middle of making a tutorial for monsters and was going to continue to make a lot more. I was told by TRS that some big changes are coming to the game so to hold off on any tutorials. I would guess because as soon as I make any tuts they could quickly become outdated.

I have no idea what the changes could be but likely to be large if it would mean making any guides irrelevant.

I was having a few conversations about what they could possibly do but I feel a Hunt 3.0 could be around the corner?

(I know currently I do not upload a huge amount which I want to improve on. I am currently attempting some new editing software to make my videos better than ever before which takes a lot of time and effort.)


good to know…


And this post has literally just told us as much about the next patch as the devs have.


My big issue (if I were to call it that because honestly there are worse things in the world) is that TRS has admitted that a big part of the problem with newbies are they don’t get what’s going on. Those Tutorials are ok, but a lot are out of date, or not really relevant anymore.

What @SomewhatAwesome and @GrizzleMarine do are really great, but what I think would be really cool, especially with the way this game has been…Evolving…is something that basically went to each character, said this is who they are and how they fit into the game. You’d want to play this Medic first, or play them this way. Shit we all know here on the forums. Something that when I type in “Evolve Tutorials” “How to play Val” or “Be a better Goliath” would pop up, be a good starting point, and really help players that might just need a little jump-start to get better!


I completely agree and I would love to make all those videos which I still hope I will eventually. As you can imagine thats a lot of characters and its not even the editing part. Its getting all the right clips and scenarios you will have with those characters to demonstrate how to play. Which trust me isn’t an easy job.


Exactly. ^^;; It’s going to be very time consuming.
Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen your videos by the way. o.o


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pointing any fingers that’s why I said what you guys do is great! In fact, it’s actually pretty fortunate nobody did all that work, since so much of the game has changed! But I tell you what, when the time comes, let me know, we can split the workload 50/50 so we can be done faster!

[SPOILER] and just in time for an update to mess it all up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: [/SPOILER]


DTR has some pretty useful stuff on their site. (

Some of it is a little outdated (buff %s) but things like the feeding routes are helpful.


Would you mind linking it for new players who might be lurking here?


I have it linked in there but I’ll make it easier to find :smiley:


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