[Resolved] Never received tier 4 artic skins with Season Pass 1 Xbox One

Is this a problem that anyone else is still having? Is there something special that I needed to do to get these skins (it is not under the Season 1 content if I go to the store)?

You should have them if you bought the hunting pass 1. Am I right in assuming you have been playing online?

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Yes, several times.

You should have them then.
I’ll tag @Shaners to see if she can do something. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon. :wink:

Sometimes they are unavailable for brief periods of time.

Keep checking for them as you play. Mine show up and disappear from the skin selection list frequently.

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That’s quite weird. Mine have never done that. It’s good to know though so thanks for replying. :smile:

@hamburglar86 Let us know how you get on please.

Mine disappear sometimes too. Playing a game seems to bring them back though for the next games I play.

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Hello! Have you contacted 2k support yet regarding this?


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Arctic skins is not downloadable

Check again with T4 skin [Custom] section …

If it wasn’t there

Unlink and relink your account

Did you ever change your 2k account or you don’t have an account ??? If No

Contact 2k

I have the season pass, but I seem to be missing Crow’s arctic skin.

Never mind. It’s there now.

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Mine appear and disappear every other game

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A quick update. 2k had me clear the game cache, which didn’t help. I had heard that people have to play a multiplayer match in order to get the Artic skins for tier 4. I have played hundreds of matches. But I don’t actually play tier 4 characters too often, so I decided to play a round with Torvald online, and voila!, all 4 tier 4 artic skins were immediately available after the match.

If it has been stated that you have to play a multiplayer match specifically with one of the tier 4 characters to get the tier 4 skins, then I apologize for not reading into this more thoroughly before posting. If it has not been stated, then maybe that should be stated in case there are any sad souls in the same circumstance as I was.

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Thanks for the info @hamburglar86, it gives people something else to try when they’re having similar issues :smile:

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