[RESOLVED] Lost Tier 4/Store Shows I Purchased Everything


Like topic says - the store shows I’ve purchased everything - but I have NOT purchased everything. I do however own (or should) Behemoth, and the Season Pass (T4 Hunters). But now when I try to launch into a game I cannot select Torvald/Sunny/Slim/Crow, nor can I play Behemoth, it says I need to purchase them. Something appears to be wrong?

Anybody else seen this before?

Suddenly no access to DLC contents
Dlc got locked
Tier 4 is locked today (PC)
Dlc..not available
Lol Mortal Kombat X's problems are Evolve's Fault!

I seem to be having the same problem.
All the stuff I’ve purchased is definitely still on my hard drive, as I have checked, but I am unable to use it for some reason.


Yep im having same problem something isnt right here!!


OK - whew - I feel better. I mean, boo and all that noise, but still.

Maybe when they fix this they’ll fix Slim so I can finally 2 star Spore :rage:


Same problem here, was going to make a topic on it.


Also just found this problem, thought I was alone. Just lost all tier 4 characters


Last night my internet decided to poop itself in the middle of a match. Today I get on to find all my tier 4 locked. Steam still says I have everything purchased and installed. Anyone have any ideas? I already submitted a ticket but it’ll be ages before it gets looked at.


Its happening to myself amoung many others… shouldnt last long


And now its fixed… I was about to finish up some tier 1 masteries lol.



It should have been fixed for now!


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Hey just logged in on xbox :video_game: and none of my skins except gold one or my characters or behemoth are there
If I go to manage game they are all installed
Is it just me as the store is also unavailable


Problem’s happening on PC too, my friend and boyfriend can’t access T4 hunters or behemoth. Leaving a post here to find the answer.


Having the same issue here. All the skins, Behemoth and T4 hunters are gone…WTF?!?


I should also add that I actually -can- access my T4 hunters ( I dont own the behemoth in the first place ) So I’m led to believe it’s just hitting specific people?


I was going to suggest unlinking then linking your my2k account, but it seems more people are having this issue. I’ll check in a second to see if it has happened to me.


Tried unlinking and it didn’t work…same is happening to me on PS4 but I’m in a game with player controlled slim and torvald right now


I’m having the same problem on PS4, I can’t access any DLC characters :frowning:


Yeah, I believe that solved an older yet very similar issue too.


I’m sure the devs will see people are having issues with accessing content they have payed for and will be right on it. :smile: