[Resolved itsefl] I'm ranked at the very last place [PC]


Evolve hates me: It ranks me at the last possible rank (suspiciously close to the highest possible value for an unsigned integer: 4294967295). Or am I that bad? :frowning:

Appeared after I got promoted to Silver 2.


That’s hilariously sad.


Wow you must really suck. /badounsplzdon’thate

Wow, I didn’t know there were more than 4 billion Evolve players. /morebadpunssorry

Hope this gets fixed.

What platform are you on?


PC. Edited in the title.


I’ve actually had the exact same thing happen to me. Happens when ever I hit gold skilled with 0 points.


Update: After a restart of Evolve it shows my actual placement.


Well, I was going to coming in and see if this was still happening but looks like it isn’t… so cool? Let us know if you see it again so I can get it in the database.


Well, actually a bug is still a bug whether or not you can work around it by restarting the whole application.

But okay on my side, there are more important bugs that need your attention. :slight_smile: