[Resolved] Grounder Perk Series DoT damage bug



According to the description and patch notes, DoT on Leg Breaker/Fly Swatter/Grounder are supposed to last 3 seconds with 8 dps/10 dps/23 dps respectively. Guess what, it’s not.

  • Leg Breaker 8 dps for 2 seconds

  • Fly Swatter 10 dps for 4 seconds

  • Grounder 23 dps for 1.5 second.

FYI, I am not talking about the jetpack reduction effect. Here is the test that I just did a few minutes ago.

@happybirthdaymary @m3teeh


The patch notes were incorrect, the values you found are the intended numbers.
…The UI text should be correct though, I see a fix for it 9 days ago… I’ll check to see what happened when I get into the office tomorrow!



The UI text during perk selection and store are still the same: 3 seconds for DoT duration.


Just checked and the UI text will be fixed this incoming patch. Apologies for the confusion!