[Resolved] Glitch making the forum unusable for me

Recently-I-have-been-experiencing-a-bug-where-sometimes-when-typing-long-posts-or-pressing-enter-and-trying-to-type-or-even-on-occasion-when-just-typing-a-space-the-forum-will-crash-the-entire-tab. I-have-to-talk-like-this-to-not-crash-it. Any-suggestions? This-occurs-both-on-desktop-and-on-mobile.


You should just be able to type one long and never ending paragraph. Hitting enter is the problem

Tried-that. Did-not-work.

@discourse for visibility.

This occurs when tagging people too. Just straight up crashes the site.

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He just tagged the discourse team so they are aware of the issue. :slight_smile:


I just tagged discourse so they are aware we have issues.

Also, I am posting via email to see if this has any other effect.


I’m not getting any problems…are you hitting enter twice?

I crash on mobile when starting a new paragraph. Not on PC though weirdly enough.


I noticed the same thing the other day. I think the problem is the abbrify-words plugin. I am assuming that recently perhaps you removed all of the abbreviated words such as “Lightning Strike” etc? I wonder if having the plugin active with no abbreviations defined is not set up properly? I’d advise maybe deactivating the plugin if you can, until you’re going to use it for any abbreviations again! (or at least stick one in, like “L4D” being “Left 4 Dead” so that something is in there to check against.)

This also explains why some people might not be having issues, if they’ve got the old script cached, they’d still be seeing abbreviations from an older version of the script.

It’s not only the abbreviation plugin, sending images also crash the web page. Trying to edit a post that contains an image crashes the web page as well.

The abbreviation plugin works by checking the text content as you write/add content. So, it’s the abbreviation plugin’s check causing problems. It’s performing a never-ending while loop because it’s constantly matching “nothing”.

Haven’t experienced it here, but I experienced it a bit on the Overwatch Forums, which are also powered by Discourse.

Im having the same problem too. Put in too many words, and poof. The whole tab dies instantly- And i have to close/reopen it.


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If it helps, it seems the error message I get when the site crashes is that it ran out of memory. Sound like a memory leak like Nia described perhaps?


the_webforums_error is_It is running out of memory