[Resolved] Failed to connect to online profile service- Are servers down? Xbox One


Fourth time in a row attempting to load Evolve and after signing in and reaching main menu I receive the error message “Failed to connect to online profile service. Your online stats will not be saved.”

I haven’t encountered this message since the days of the resets so without going any further I return to dashboard and manually close Evolve. Load back up attempt sign in same thing. I tried this twice; however, on my third attempt I manually closed Evolve again checked my network connection and multiplayer connection via Network tab under settings and tried again with the same result. So in my last attempt I closed Evolve and after powering down the console I unplugged the power cable. Meanwhile I reset both my internet modem and router. Once each unit had completed rebooting I powered on the Xbox One and signed into Live. I once again checked my network connection and multiplayer connection. My NAT was Open for all attempts mind you. Loaded up Evolve once again and after signing in and reaching the main menu I received the same error message.

Before this started happening I was playing several matches of Arena as monster than hoped to play some ranked Hunt as monster but after waiting over 15 minutes cancelled matchmaking. When I tried to check the leaderboards after canceling MM it told me there was an error. So I checked the hunt leaderboards and for both monster and hunter in any division it gave me there are no rankings available or something of that nature as I cannot remember the exact text. This was when I began closing out the game manually and attempting to sign back in following the procedure I have mentioned above.


Servers are kill right now

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Same situation on PC, for me and everyone I’ve tried to group with.


Yep. Across all platforms the servers are down.


Same here. Servers might be down for maintence.


Hello! We’re currently experiencing trouble with some of our services, and it’s bring down the newsfeed, match making and the leaderboards.

We’re working on a fix as we speak! Hope to have it back up ASAP.


Damn, well at least I’m not the only one. Sorry guys I know how disheartening it can be not to be able to frag the competition when you have some down time.


Thank you for the quick response LadieAuPair. We appreciate your dedication to the community :grinning:

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I was able to get back on now.


Which platform?


Xbox :smile:


Yep, PC is up too!


Alright, should be back. Let me know if you aren’t seeing it.

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Appears to be back to normal, thanks a bunch LadieAuPair and TRS. You guys are the greatest.

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