Resolution issues?


So first off, I have a 3 monitor set up. The game boots into full screen and it starts out looking good. Then it got the point where it asks me to agree to the EA terms. It was huge, so big I couldnt find an accept button. I used an arrow key and got past it only to have a GIGANTIC blurry collection of images, it looks like 2 boots on one, maybe some pointy rocks and it keeps cycling. I cant see or do anything. I am thinking it might be a resolution issue. Is there anyway to start the game in 1920x1080 or something.


Yeap big resolutions are bugged for now.If you can play with 1 i’d stay stick to 1920x1080 for now until there is a fix.

And i dunno how to do that because i never had many monitors myself.Maybe right-click properties on your desktop and make your resolution 1920x1080.

Also before launching the game go to Steam/Evolve/Rick-click/Properties/Set launch options/ and type in there


That will make the options back to normal