Anyone know the confirmed framerate and resolution for ps4 and Xbox one?


Umm, this is not official at all but I BELIEVE that it’s 900p for Xbone and 1080p for PS4.

Both run at 30 FPS as well I think.

I’m a PC player though, so take that with a grain of salt. I’m not 100% but I think that’s what I heard.


PS4 1080p/30, XBO 900p/30.

PC AnythingP/Unlimited


As you can see, we have multiple threads pertaining to this topic. If you want official confirmation, tag a dev, but if you’re done here you can tag a Mod to help out.


Mhhh cinematic next gen 30 fps, i like my PC.


Has there been any official confirmation yet? Gamespot says it’s 1080p on both.