Resolution bug?


Every time i log in - i have to set the resolution. It’s not sticking past log out. Every time i log in - i get a black screen for about 5 minutes <which can’t be healthy for my computer> as well as a resolution error. It finally lets me in - change resolution and play for a bit. Log out - later i log back in and it’s back to high resolution… what is up with this!?


That’s odd. What is your native resolution, what are you using in Windows, and what’s your in game resolution? (Both what you set it to and what it’s defaulting to.)


default for my computer is 1600-900. in game i have to set it to lower than that due to video card.


Go to your steam library and right click on Evolve, then click properties and select ‘launch options’.

in here, type: -w 1600 -h 900
(or replace the numbers with any resolution you want, w = width, h = height ofcourse)
This should make the game launch in whatever resolution you put in there


“These options are for advanced users only”


Can’t you still go into it though?


but it does allow you to edit the launch options or not?

it’s not really that advanced, they’re just like mini-commands lol


it brings up a small screen that says ‘these options are for advances users only’
with a small area under that i can type in. <is this what you’re talking about?


yup, type whatever resolution you want in there (like my prev post)


Oh sorry - i thought i had to do it in a specific area that i couldn’t get to lol i will do as you say :smiley: Thank you


no problem, there are plenty more of these launch options too