Resolution and FPS on consoles (PS4 & XO)


Hey guys,
its me again :smiley: - I saw that game on PC and it was so unnatural for my eyes. It was so fast. Like a Home-Video with my Camera. I dont know how to explain this.

Probably it comes from the high FPS on PC. I tought that this game work with 60 FPS at 1080p on PS4 , too.

So with which resolution the game work with on each console?

EDIT: Here a Video what I mean: its so fast and unnatural for my eyes.


Trust me, when you go 60 FPS, there is no going back at all. Also I believe the console versions run at a capped 30 FPS at 720p.


PS4: 1080p, 30 FPS
XO: 900p, 30 FPS
That´s (in my opinion) not state of the art, should be 60 FPS both @MacMan @SlabOMeat @DamJess @MrStrategio
Is there a chance that these consoles will get 60 FPS cap in the (near) future?


Of course I know what you mean. I play BF 4 on PC with 120 FPS but it looks not so unnatural like Evolve with 60 FPS.

Please have a look at this Video:
All movement are so fast on PC. I think it looks very unnatural in this Video. If 60 FPS look like this I dont want 60 FPS on console.

It looks like the FPS is connected to the physics, a high FPS have other physics like 30 FPS. But that only my thoughts.


Unfortunately you can’t upgrade hardware on a console … Maybe it can reach 60 FPS, but at the cost of visuals, and/or having FPS drops.

Also @TatzyXY I can’t see the video at the moment (at least at 60 FPS) because I’m on my phone, but I see where you are going. Some first person animations are played at 30 FPS in planetside 2 and it throws me off…


The Hardware is enough. The engine only must use the eight cores and the VRAM better like Unreal Engine or Frostbite Engine. These engines work with 1080p @ 60 FPS on console.


Look at e.g. Battlefield 4: 64 players, big maps, stunning graphics, destruction, Levolution, 60 FPS
Evolve: 5 Players, equal map, less view distance, 30 FPS
I think Evolve is not as optimized as BF4 is :pensive:


CryEngine eats my computer, and it’s a beast. :open_mouth: sounds like the engine needs to be more optimized.


Wherefrom you know that. I believe you but you have any source for that?


Watch that video again, but pay attention to the round timer. That video is not real time. It is going faster than normal.


I was about to go FailFish in the whole thread here.You are the only 1 who actually wrote it

@TatzyXY dude the video is in fast-forward.I literally saw that from the first 3 seconds xD


Yes you be right. Bad example for what I mean. I picked the first Video on Youtube Evolve on PC.


Yes bad example to show. The playtime is much faster.


If you have Chrome you have watch the video at 1080p60fps. Its not that fast lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes much better :smiley: LOL - But at 3:30 its much faster then on console. Maybe it is only habit.