Resigning from the Leader team


Due to personal issues I’ve decided to respectfully resign from the Leader team. I’ve really enjoyed my time and experiences there, I made some great friends, and I love all of my peers in the team. You guys are all awesome.

To the forum community itself, just made this to ask that you no longer tag me for closes, sorting out disputes, etc. I’m sure the rest of the team will be happy to handle it. :smile:


<3 10chars


<3 you too, Wednesday.


It was a pleasure having you in the leader team midnight! Best of luck with the personal stuff going on. Do what you gotta do to get through it! If you need anything account related, feel free to contact any of the mods.


Well Rose, you were a great leader. :smile: I wish you the best of luck with whatever stuff you have going on!


FTFY moiser.


Now who will rise to take Rosie’s place?
HA! I’m not worthy

Seriously though, I hope wherever life is taking you right now, that it’s happy and prosperous for you Rose, you have my respect and friendship always ^.^



Best of luck on your future endeavors :bucket_salute:


You were a great leader rose, thank you for all of your time and effort you put into these here forums.


You were an amazing leader midnight so that’s really sad to hear. With that said, I wish you the best of luck with whatever is going on in your personal life.

I am glad you just decided to give up your leader status rather than leave altogether. This forum wouldn’t be the same without you. :wink:


I hope everything outside of the forum is ok, Rose. Or at least that it gets better!


I love Archer. o.o


Damn phones can’t handle adding gifs properly…

Honestly tho, I have a question: Will this affect reaponse rates to me spamming you shitty excuses for music? Because getting a replacement for that would be a pain. I dunno why, people tend to unfriend me around the fifth song.

Hope you’re doin’ fine anyway.


Nope. Gotta love those shitty songs. :D<G

The uh, the brony one was…Straaaaaange. o.O


Well, you were a great leader! Best of luck!

Now I need to remember not to tag you. :sweat:

[size=4]Wow. One leader resigned and a moderator got bumped down into a leader role.[/size]


That is what happens when you let bronies work on brony music.



That’s painful to see.


I wish you good luck sorting out your problems. I don’t know what else to say. I am bad at this.


Archer is pretty amazing


Good luck with all this stuff rose. You were a great leader, gonna miss that tittle next to your name :frowning: