Resident evil: project resistance

Ooh ah ! I’m getting some asymmetrical vibes here.

I’ve been asking for an asymmetrical RE game since Evolve first came out, because RE has so many great monster options they could pick into the game and they could include so many iconic characters back into the game that were neglected in the main series.

Though this looks more like it could also be DbD/F13 but with guns.


I’m personally hoping for a redo of the Outbreak series. Was a fantastic little series that was ahead of its time and I’d love to see them try it again with the tech they need to realise the concept.

still holding onto the hope that they’d get a chance to redo that series again.

X is gon’ give it to us.



X has already given it to me so many times I’m just left wondering


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I don’t think there is much more to

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Here’s a gameplay overview, conceptually interesting. But if they’re only using assets from the Resi 2 Remake then I can see it getting very stale very quickly.

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