Resident Evil / Biohazard 7 || is 'P.T.' and 'Allison Road' Successor || Trailer & Demo gameplay


Glad its horror again but what the hell though?

#‘P.T.’ and 'Allison Road’ Successor

It’s not a bad horror game, it’s not a good horror game, it’s THE horror game


I haven’t watched it yet but I saw clips and it certainly looks different from the other former releases. Looks very PT. At least in the small clips I saw. I am going to have to wait and watch these later though.


I enjoyed it, very scary, very different however, like PT and Outlast mix


I hope CAPCOM is trolling us, this looks like a great game but it doesn’t deserve a main title entry. -_-
I think if it were an off shoot series this would’ve been way better.

People are saying its a P.T. and Allison Road successor. :laughing:


Two cancelled games everyone seemed to like, now one game that seems like both mixed, that’s probably where they got their ideas from


But still though, RIP anyone who want a Resi game. :sob:


Hasn’t Resident Evil dipped over the past few games though?


They keep saying they wanted to go back to what people have been asking for. Which was something more like the first three games.
But this is just a boat of mixed feels for a lot of people.


It’s a VR game big woop


I’ve heard a lot of people asking for one like the old game, this doesn’t seem like it, maybe it should’ve been a new IP, or maybe they just wanted a bigger name to help promote this game


Yeah I think that’s what capcom might be trying to do. Maybe they always had this game in the works as an experimental title but seeing the VR-craze they copped out and put the Resident Evil brand on it and loaded more money on them. =-=


I never hoped on the VR hype train, is it really as good as everyone says?


Looks like it has a multiplepaths and multiple-ending system, like Revelations 2.


I think its just something that rich kids and react streams/channels do, but I really do hope that it works out well. Because I really want something that I can really get into. For now, I will tolerate it.

I see a few people on reddit have made a fair point that the game is not back to the roots because it’s psychological horror, and not survival horror.

There are 4 types of people in the comments section of the revealed Resident Evil 7 whether it’s on Youtube or any video or forums, everywhere. The unavoidable trolls, people with so much excitement, people who are complaining about how this is not Resident Evil and people complaining about people complaining that this is not Resident Evil. As we’ve all seen, Resident Evil 7 is taking a much fresher route from the usual fight zombies or mutated living organisms here and there. Some people are pleased with how Capcom is taking this horror route and some people are just not having it, they are tired and just want to experience quintessential RE for the current gen. Now, a lot of people are arguing about this so called “horror” thing in Resident Evil. Some people that are in favour of what was shown always tell those people that are disappointed something like "Why are you still guys complaining, you’re asking for Capcom to go back to their horror roots and now they’re serving horror, you guys are still complaining"
In my opinion, Resident Evil wasn’t really that “horror” game that will send chills at the back of my spine. It wasn’t that horror game that I would cover my eyes because of the disturbing scenes, it wasn’t horror for the reason that it is 90% dark and I will never be ready for jumpscares, it wasn’t horror to the point I could never go to bed thinking about the scary faces I’ve encountered.
The Horror of Resident Evil in my opinion is when I’m running out of ammo and I don’t know if I’m going to survive if I take progress, the horror of knowing your character is in danger and you don’t have any first-aid spray or herbs left, the utter frustration of solving a puzzle and realizing you’re missing a key item that is basically in a room that you’ll have a struggle to reach, watching a mutation scene and knowing you’re fucked up because it’s obviously going to be a boss fight and you didn’t bring your most powerful weapon (most of the time, a grenade launcher), you’re on hard mode and starting to run out of ink ribbons, the infamous “Self-Destruct System has been activated, all personnel, evacuate immediately.” and so much more… That’s the horror that people are wanting to see and to experience since CVX or even REmake which did a fantastic job. You might tell me “Go ahead and play the classics” but I’m still hoping to see Resident Evil on it’s roots with a more compelling storyline, lengthy gameplay and incredible graphics. (Hopefully REmake2 will do the job) I would like to ask why do you think Capcom took that route on RE7, the route that every other horror game is taking? I mean, Resident Evil has established its own identity and name to the public and has its own original elements that makes it Resident Evil. In my opinion, this is a huge risk because it’s either they would succeed big time that it will be a new image for RE or flop and just be one of those millions of First person horror games that is desperately trying to appeal to the public the way PT did (it might be even called the next PT clone same to Alison Rose or Road or whatever it is). Is it not selling to the public anymore? (I don’t think so, considering REmake and RE0 are doing fantastic and is closest to the classics and current gen) or do they just want to try new things for the franchise, or just try and use the same method as the others to appeal to the majority?
I might be kind of overreacting because we literally just saw an hour or less of demo but knowing it’ll be fps the whole game and just looking at the cliched trying hard ways to creep people which are mannequins, broken tvs etc. I’m not that pleased… I just hope they will prove me and the others wrong and find light for the new start of our beloved franchise :slight_smile:


Looks like a valid statement to be honest, there really isn’t many survival horror games anymore, and little good ones (I know there are some e.g. Metro). They should go back to that, keep long time fans happy. I can imagine if they do change it after this game, people will complain how that one is different too


I honestly have no opinion on RE 7 at this point. I was left thinking “what the hell is this?”. It looks like they went the Silent Hill route or something. I couldn’t recognize anything that was connected to the series.


I’m going to be honest here. I very strongly dislike what I’ve seen of Resi 7 so far. It’s actually quite saddening to see Capcom taking this kind of route with the series. This is blatant pandering to the youtube overreaction crowd, and I hate it.

If this does end up being the final vision for Resi 7, I’m going to hold off on buying the Resi 4 and 5 remasters for the PS4, and then buy both of them, and the Remake and Zero remasters when 7 launches instead. I will not support this kind of game.

As far as I’m concerned this is the DmC of the Resi series.


people liked those games but they don’t like resident evil 7 because they wanted a resident evil like 1-3 when they cried to much action Capcom did what they wanted so the resident evil community is spoiled


It’s impossible to please everyone, more people do seem like those horror games than they do survival horror, I think they’re just trying to attract a larger crowd


I dislike the direction that CAPCOM has taken with this, feels like they’re catering to over-reaction crowd. Which leaves a very distasteful taste in mouth.

After reading more on the post reveal interview, its been cleared that there is a zombie shooting and axe murderin in the game.
Who knows how this game will turn out, but I think it’ll be worth checking out in the future and see how they do it.

What makes you say that? I thought DmC was a hack-and-slash game. :laughing: