Reset your Hunt rank


I would like the option to reset your Hunt rank.

I’m getting put the together with really bad teams lately (example: medics that dont heal or trappers that always walk behind and never trap the monster.)

I got lowert to the bronze division and its only getting worse. So an option to reset your Hunt rank would be perfect to refresh and get back up. I would prefer the reset of the Hunt and Monster rank to be seperate.


As much as I’d like this since I’m also stuck in Bronze hell, people would abuse this until they get a higher rank such as high-end Silver or even Gold


how about only one reset a month like killer instinct


You’d still face the problem of people queue dodging Determining Rank’ed players because they’d be afraid of losing their rank if it’s good already


There was a point as monster where I was only earning 1 point for each team I defeated. Non-stop.

So I was never able to catch up with the gold ranks. I was stuck in silver masters for the longest time. Can’t move up, but can only go down, lol.


Well it solved a lot of things. Just needs an update.


Not how I see it. I once lost 40 points due to a determining rank playing Laz. I get better match ups on quick play. It’s also faster.

What I said before my post got flagged:

They need to rework the whole system because 70% of players in gold have under 20 games. Why does it make sense for a player stuck in bronze who has a 51-49 wlr with 100 games to be far behind someone with worse stats up in gold?


I don’t know if it would work, but if we could have seasons with/or rank decay that would be prime. You could maybe toss in a lil somethin’ somethin’ if you know what I’m saying… Ok, I’ll make it clear. You got gold destroyer AND MAINTAINED it for the entirety of the season? Great, have a skin! This would satisfy me. Satisfy


Well, your complaint can just be delt with updating it. Didn’t make anything worse. 2.0 made the game even more competitive which was a much needed and improved step in the right direction.

Your last comment was over board though, lol.


It was, but the rage came from a defend thread I was just on. I realize my mistake.

The 2.0 imp didn’t add much competitive since the point system is broken imo. Players in gold have 0 penalty.


Understandable. :b


That wouldn’t change anything. You’ll get put together with beginners and drop to bronze again.

The only way to get out of that, if you think you deserve to be higher ranked, is to befriend good people you play with and party up before you go ranked.


Be happy if youre stick with silver or even bronze… You dont find much players if youre gold… At PC atleast.


I think this should be implemented too but you can’t reset until you have played like 250 matches or something like that


To reset the rank is like treating the symptoms instead of the disease.

It would require minimum hidden ranks that people couldnt dodge their way to high ranks

Think about the amount of anger when you have won 5 out of 5, then get matched up with better monster and you lose by some random playing bad.

I think there should be decay of the ranks, minimum amount of wins to reach Silver/Gold. With ranks decaying their algorithm might work, with stats 50%/50% W/L with 10 games + Gold, the ranks will be skewed.


The only way to get and or stay in Silver (or higher) is to play with friends…
1 bad game with a random can screw up all your gains from the previous rounds.

And what is going on with the d/c lately? Have had loads on monster rage d/c at the end, is that so they drop further back in the leaderboards and can play lower teams?


I’ve thought about this concept ever since they introduced Hunt 2.0 and wondered if it would work in Evolve.

I dabbled with Hearthstone for a while, and while I never got great at it, I thought it had a pretty solid method for determining your skill level in the ranked mode.

Now, these two games are clearly different, but you also see a monthly ranking system in games such as Killer Instinct, as pointed out above.

Also in Hearthstone, you get awarded card backs for finishing each season at a certain rank.

So, I don’t know what the timetable would need to be (a month, a few months, etc.), but I’ve often wondered at how this kind of system would help spice up Evolve. For one, you would get the “rank decay” because your rank for the next month or season or whatever would be based on your overall performance from last month/season. So if you sat on your pretty little Gold one for too long without actually doing anything, you’d lose it. And then, depending on where you finish, maybe you do get the special skin for the month!

Of course there’s the issue that Evolve relies on team play rather than individual play for the most part, such as Hearthstone and Killer Instinct, so it’s probably not a perfect system, and would need adjustments from how it is implemented in those games. But I feel this would both A.) Give you multiple shots at re-determining your rank and B.) Give you more of a reason to play every month, season, whatever.


I like the concept but I can see it being abused AF. The other solution is finding a team on here, Playing a few matches in quickplay to see how the play, then go from there. you can find GT’s for all the platforms on here


There should be Seasons. GettingGetting Stuck in Gold for example is a pain. You search for years if youre a Gold Monster (PC). Well, sometimes you’re lucky but most times you just search 1 hour.