Reset performance stats?


So, ever since that one guy decided to be really great and cheat 15 million wins, T1-T3 characters have had really low, broken stats. Tier 4 and Behemoth seem to be fine, but that’s because they weren’t out at the time. I like comparing my own performance to others’, and I really miss seeing accurate stats. (I dunno if this happened on console, but I’m on PC)

Because this telemetry data is probably still valuable in the hands of TRS, I have a better suggestion than simply wiping it all (although if possible, wiping just those cheated wins/losses would be more ideal). Maybe just hide the data from before a certain time from the averages to players. That’s essentially like eliminating outliers from a data set, but in a less precise way.
(It would simply be hiding stats from the Feb. 10th to today; the new starting point may be something like April 1st. From April 1st to today, those would be the averages players could see, but the old data would still be there for the devs.)

Let me know if this seems like a good-ish idea.

Edit: The stats I’m referring to are under the “Performance” rectangle post-game. It’s stuff like damage done, time with a particular effect in play, amount healed, etc.