Reset on skill!

So the last skill I need to complete before I get elite kraken, which I haven’t bothered for some time… Except for now, everytime I close the game and gets back to grind up the 275 mid air vortex skill, it gets resetted!

What the f man.

I currently have 137 done out of 275. And I have no patient to sit and grind all the way to get the elite, so I get like maybe 240 done, then I gotta do smth else irl or whatever, but I’ve noticed now that it gets resetted back to 137 everytime I close the game.


WOW I’ve never heard of that being a bug; I’d get so freaking frustrated.
Maybe something in your game got corrupt, have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your my2K account? Or maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the game as a last resort? That always sucks because the game is huge now, but it usually solves some problems.

If that doesn’t fix it then you could probably submit a 2K support ticket and they might be able to just give you Elite Kraken.

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Since you say “close the game”, I assume you are playing on PC. It sounds like it is failing to save your game.

When you quit, do you use the main menu to do it? You don’t just alt-F4, right?

Is there any chance you set read-only flags, or changed disk permissions, over the Steam folder?


Yeah quitting through main menu, pc.

Nope, none of these. But, weird enough, it seems to have resumed now, but I didn’t get the previous “score” back thou. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again…

My short answer: Yeah once progress is lost, it’s gone. Glad to hear it didn’t happen again, and I’m with you in hoping it never recurs!

More detailed commentary follows, read or ignore as you wish.

When we save your progress, we write to a temp file. After all writing is done, we delete the old saved game, and rename the temp file to become the new save. On rare occasions, we have seen the rename fail for unknown reasons. When I say rare, I mean on the one machine on which we were tracking this bug, it seemed to happen roughly once every couple of months. We added a wait-and-retry loop around this operation, and it seems to cure the bug. That fix will be on our next update.


Ah I see, thanks for the intel.

Feels more safe somehow to know how a bugg works ^^

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No problem! Now, we don’t know that that bug and your bug are the same – but we can hope they are.

All I can say is atleast you didn’t lose all your progress like I did when I tried to play on another console