Reset Level!


I know that most player scream murder if they loose levels, so my request is going to nark them big time! I’ve already got elite on most monsters just by playing solo. However playing players is much different than bots and I am not doing well against level 40 hunters at all!

Is there a way to start from the beginning again so I can level up against players this time! I wish to restart at level 1 , “New Game” sort of thing. I know I could just buy another game, but would much rather reset this one to the beginning as being at the top level is not my thing, and as an aged 50 casual player I have no chance against the hard core players? I like just casual games and I think they would be lower levels?

Is starting again possible or can it be implemented for those of us that sign every time we go up a level?

Gary the Mature Gamer.


I actually feel a prestige system might be a good idea in this game. There are many many level 40s now. However the skill gap between a level 40 with thirty hours in the game is vast when compared to a 40 with three hundred hours invested.


Levels don’t really mean much to me anymore, just goes to show how much time you’ve invested in a game rather than you’re actually skill level.

Last game I played with a decent level/ranking system was Halo 3 where you’re level went up or down depending on how well you do in games.

But yes, a prestige system would be welcomed, as I’ve said before you could be rewarded with skins and badges. But again, it wouldn’t really be based on skill but rather time.