Reset Bug prevented


Hey guys, if you are lucky enough not to have had this happen to you then there may be a way to prevent this from happening to you.

I was playing with a friend, he got disconnected or something about steam shutting down and then I invited him back to my lobby.

He said on voice chat “Pick my preferred role…whaaaa??” I looked at his badge and it said level 1.

“I hate to tell you this… but you might be reset” He didn’t really care so much about it.

He didn’t start that game he backed out and restarted steam, came back, and he was back to level 21.

So if by chance you notice you are starting over with the pick your role screen, try backing out altogether before advancing. This is a one time thing so far. I can’t guarantee this will work if you find yourself in this predicament. It worked for him I’m hoping I can save some of you the headache if this really works.