Rescue - what's the deal with the survivors?


Hey gang…

I noticed that the survivors tend to follow the hunters at times and if one of them is chasing the monster, they don’t run to the evac point. What I haven’t nailed down yet is;

A. Are they following the last hunter, so all of us need to get to the Evac point to ensure they come with us?


B. They follow the hunter that picked them up? So he needs to ensure he gets to the evac point…

I used to think it was A, but last night I noticed the two I picked up came with me, so I got them to the evac while one of the hunters kept the monster busy.

I will be testing the theory more tonight, any insights are appreciated. It’s just very frustrating when one of the hunters goes monster hunting and the survivors get whacked because they followed along.


Yes, the AI is really, really dumb. I appriciate that they try and help fight the monster but typically it gets them killed or puts them in the way. Similar to the AI for hatched monsters, they charge blindley at the hunters while the AI for a prespawned minion actually stays with the monster until you get close enough for an actual engagement, thats what makes that evac perk so useful.

I feel that they need to rework the AI for survivors in a rescue mission.


Yeah, you’d think/hope/wish they’d at least default to a strategy of following the Hunter closest to the Evac point. They definitely seem wonky. Though if you had a big-ass Monster stomping around, that had previously left you on the edge of death, perhaps your decision-making would be a bit suspect. Yeah, it’s REALISM, the result of preparing a very complex human behavior/shock simulation. You just aren’t appreciating its nuance. :wink:


It would be handy if say… I could use the marking button (pressing down on right stick for Xbone) to tell them to “Follow me”… then one hunter could lead em back to the evac while the others kept the monster busy.

PRO TIP; there’s one map where there is a Tyrant that is right beside one of the evac points. Be careful where ya kill him…lol. We killed him right on top of the evac point and the survivors couldn’t leave… sigh… had to have it out with the monster right then and there. He’s there each and every time and when I am playing with randoms I am on the mic warning them about it rofl


I’ve noticed that they don’t like moving if other survivors are in the dome sometimes, or it could be the hunters they’re tethered to are inside. Either way it’s kinda annoying when they can b evacuated but prefer to stay and watch th fight


Dome??? Dome??? Noooooooooooo

I have some footage for an upcoming series called “How NOT to play evolve” lol… and well, I already have two instances where our dumbass support domed the survivors in with the beast on the last set and well… we lose. Sigh.

Sure, if you can separate the monster from the survivors, great… but that’s RARE. In most cases it’s just a bad ending. If the monster is near you, no need for the dome, he’s coming for the survivors… the dome ain’t really needed and simply limits the team/survivors movements


Which support class are you playing that can throw out a mobile arena? Uber hacks!!! ; p


I read this topic title in the voice of Jerry Seinfeld.

“What’s the dealll with the survivors? One day they’re chasing monsters, the next they are cracking eggs, make up your mind already!”


“Maybe the Tyrant ate your baby”… had to keep the same number of syllables though most likely it would be a BlitzzLeopard, the animal I curse most often in-game.


I HATE BLITZ LEOPARDS!!! Worst animal in the game.


Rescue is retarded. Don’t play it until it’s fixed lol.

I used to think there is some reasoning for the way they move (and I’m sure there is) but they must ignore it more often than not.

I’ve seen survivors jet packing out as far as they can into acid lakes and dying.

I’ve seen survivors in toxic clouds just stand there and go down and then watched other survivors run into the same cloud to help and die as well.

I’ve seen survivors climb the same wall up and down over and over.

I’ve seen survivors stand next to the evac platform and not do anything until I shoot them or nudge them with my character.

Basically I’ve seen survivors do some really, really dumb shit.

Also, I’ve lost your GT I had written down. What was it again lol.


I hate when they attack me but I appreciate the necessity of diversity in the local creatures and fast-moving pains in the ass have their place. :slight_smile:


Ha! I am visualizing a blitz leopard smothering your face as you freak out.

For me I always run past the giant rock that is actually a megamouth.

Playing Markov and killing everything or Hank and cloaking past the nasties are major reasons those are my favourite classes.


@MeTheBigShow Dude… last night? I had a survivor standing with my turrets (I drop a few before picking em up, just in case)… I ran back and LITERALLY started pushing them towards the direction of the evac… ROFL. They were just sliding along the ground. If I coulda thrown him over my shoulder, I would have

Sadly I wasn’t recording it at the time… was funny as hell

GT = theGypsy66


It’s the only way to get them moving sometimes!!! The fuckers just stand there!!!
Then to top it all off if you try to go for the 2nd group of survivors the monster will always get to the third group first and murder them all lol.

But yea, I’m gonna add you tonight because I desperately need a good team to play with. I never can seem to get a good group of forums members on at the same time lol.


Sounds fun… yer GT is the same as here? Just want to know who I am lookin for… get a bunch of random requests from here each day lol


Yea its the same just with spaces in between.


Ok gang… we did a little more testing last night and they DO NOT follow the person that picked 'em up. They will follow the last hunter (furthest from the evac point)… sooooooo… be sure that you are tactically retreating towards the evac and that one of the hunters isn’t chasing the monster.

All of that being said, they WILL start to run to the evac once it timer runs down. But still, if you have a hunter chasing the monster, it is often bad ju ju