Rescue - Survivors don't go towards Evac?


I like the game mode Rescue, but it’s getting more and more frustrating.

Last night, we were on the 3rd group of survivors, only needed 1 survivor to evac to win. Got all 5 of them up and they would not go to the evac spot. Using Laz, I revived them 6x and not 1 of them would go to the evac spot.
Finally got down to the last survivor, had 4 hunters beating on the monster trying to protect him, and the last survivor took of running across the map in the wrong direction. Died, we lost.

Initially we thought that the survivors would only follow us like little lost puppies, so we’d get them up and then park our butts on the evac pad. Sometimes worked. But with more and more of them running off towards nothing, I have no idea what makes them move to where they are supposed to go.

Could they possibly get a pathfinding AI buff so they actually go towards the evac?


They stick close to the Hunters. If the Evac ship timer is still going they will stick close to you. Once the ship timer is off then they will head there as best they can.


I second this. Me and my team avoid Rescue at all costs right now due to the sheer RNG of the Survivor AI. More often than not they will beeline straight for the Monster if the extraction point isn’t activated yet, presenting themselves as a free snack. They also don’t stick to the Hunters (most recent case in point: Survivor runs off 120m away literally 10 secs after ressing him) which makes it a real female dog to protect them.


Except when they don’t. All 4 of us standing on the evac pad, drop ship floating overhead, survivors sprinting in the other direction towards the monster.


They usually stick close to the hunters.

Just a little correction for you lol.


Maybe they were following the Monster’s hypnotic eyes :stuck_out_tongue: