Rescue Survivor A.I. Problems


I really enjoy rescue, but I have some serious problems with how the Survivor A.I. is handled.

Example, my Assault and Trapper had the monster trapped away from the survivors, as Support I went and I was able to revive all 5 of the last hunters, if any of the died it would be a lose for us. Our Medic was dead. After the fifth survivor I expected to turn around and see them all following me to the drop zone which was super close, but basically all of them had run into the dome and trapped themselves in with the monster. Since the monster only needed to kill two more, we lost.

Based on this I can only assume the Survivor AI follows the biggest hunter “group”. While I can understand this is the easiest was to manage it, it becomes such a pain when survivors will just not go the drop ship zone where they need to be.

The best solutions I can think of are:

  1. GIve us away to command the survivors who are alive to a certain position. I understand this would probably be hard to implement at this point, but having maximum control over the survivors would heavily improve this game mode.

  2. Make the survivors run directly towards the evacuation zone. This keeps the fight moving, making it more interesting to play. Of course they should dodge wildlife and the monster as needed, but otherwise they should run straight for it.

  3. Have all the survivors follow whichever hunter is closest to the drop zone. THat way one person is able to lead them all the other hunters distract the monster.

EIther way the A.I. cannot be left in the state it is in now. I have never played a game mode in any game where the “objectives” are this random and uncontrollable. It limits the amount of strategy that can be used, it frustatrates the hunters and can makefor some seriously easy wins for the monster. Please address this Turtle Rock.