Rescue/Nest desperately need rebalancing


It’s simply too easy to cheese either. Both are horribly unbalanced towards one side so long as that side knows what to do. Nest favors hunters hugely. Rescue favors the monster. They need to be balanced so both are equally as balanced as hunt is (Wraiths notwithstanding). And overall, they both are entirely too short.

Eggs drop far too quickly to certain hunters and combos. Bucket, for example, shouldn’t be able to solo one in under 30 seconds with just turrets. Parnel with Laz or Val can down one in UNDER 7 SECONDS. I’ve done as much. They simply are too flimsy, as are the minions when alone with any competent team. Suffice it to say, eggs need a buff, because on top of competent hunters knowing the game type, they also know to never, EVER, pick rescue which favors monster. 4v1 to vote? Not happening. Some combination of increased armor before the shell starts failing, more eggs, half of the current detectable radius, or other buffs need to happen to bring it in line as reasonably doable by a monster against a competent team. Without good luck (like a perfect spot to fight near an egg) it just is too easy for hunters. Certain strategies for the monster can work well and sometimes wind up a guaranteed monster win, but again, a competent team will be far more capable of handling them, recovering, and cinching the win.

Likewise, Rescue, holy hell is even more difficult for the hunters than nest for the monster. Knowing where everything is as the monster is problem number one, he sees the rescue location and drop ship more easily than hunters see eggs. It also takes very little real focus to kill a survivor. Laz is just about your only chance here but, especially if you’re dealing with a wraith, it’s rather easy to lose the bodies to eating. When it suddenly breaks with 6 survivors at once it’s basically over if any are already dead. Some combination of the following needs to happen… survivors need to be better staggered, I’d suggest groups of two, two, three, then three, instead of the 2/2/6. Next, the monster needs something done about how easy it is to locate them, there should be flare bursts that show up akin to Griffin’s sound spikes that will deviate the center from the survivor by, say, 30 meters, with a reduced incap sight radius for the monster. The survivors themselves could do with some manner of a buff, too. Give each survivor a short version of cloak, shield, and healing burst and randomize it between them so they each have a class buff of one kind or another that helps them in the fight to survive longer. Potentially, more health, too, but the special buffs would be good.

While I tend to try and play hunter, I’ve seen the strats used by monsters, even the right strat in Nest actually completely turns the tables and turns it into a monster favoring game type (but again, competent hunters mean it won’t guarantee a win). When I play as monster, I can win these types rather consistently now (given the only real strat that works against a competent team for nest), but both need some sort of tweaking. Nest could certainly do with a minion nerf of some kind (maybe double the egg hatch time and it could be ok as a compensator) if enough is done to make the eggs more durable. Rescue, though, is just too monster favoring as there is literally not defense against a smart monster without some real team work as it’s incredibly simple to kill the survivors if they’re not at the evac yet. You certainly shouldn’t be required to run val+hank as it’s the only way I can see rescue happening against a good monster.


I agree with the too short part, not sure I entirely agree with your balance issues though, I almost feel they’re balanced the other way. I always pick rescue (as hunter) when given an option, and I’m yet to lose one at lvl32 and not having played the last day and a half. I imagine strategies will change and develop over the next few weeks though and this will get harder.

I definitely agree a minion on it’s own gets hammered, which can be a slow down strategy in it’s own right, but generally you want to stage 2, armour a little, unleash a minion and smash the hunters. I agree with the specifics you mention about the degree of ease to find objectives, but I don’t come to the same conclusion.

That’s just my thoughts from my experiences though, obviously had a slightly different run of it to you :smiley:


Competent teams certainly make a difference either way, but a monster on a survivor cannot be pulled off in any meaningful way. Unless there was a good dome to damage the monster, it’ll usually be full armor and will just take the pitiful amount of health if necessary. They only need one survivor cuz once the 6 come out it’s GG unless they are that damaged. With Nest, it’s more hit and miss, a really good/smart monster can just wreck so much face with a few specific strategies but at least there’s a sense of high risk/reward in this one. The problem is still there, though, that both are too short and that on their face each favors one side more heavily because it’s much easier to do if you know what you’re doing. I’d wager you’ve fought against some poor monsters to win that many rescues or they didn’t fully udnerstand the mode.


Not to mention DEFEND that is way too easy against the Goliath and Wraith and almost impossible against a Kraken.


I take your point, but no ive faced high up monsters too. Obviously whatever level someone is doesn’t directly reflect how good they are at all, or specifically with a class (i.e. lvl 35 player usually on trapper and it could be their first go as a monster), but I’ve played some guys who it was hard work with and give and take through evac’s but come rescue we won pretty smoothly, only losing one or two survivors along the way.

Like I said, I agree with your premise, just saying my experience doesn’t line up exactly with what you’re saying :smile:

I should mention though that I do play Hank and my brother typically goes Laz which helps quite significantly.