Rescue, Nest and Defend in Skirmish rotation?


Are all the game types supposed to be part of Skirmish? Because I’ve been put into every game type without playing Evacuation. I don’t know if this is a bug or not. But when it does happen, it usually just plays the map and game over and over again. And it happens to me about 1 in 10 times I search Skirmish, so I assume its just a bug. In the loading screen, for example, it just says Nest or Defend without an indicator saying what day it is.

I’m on XBone by the way.


I have had that happen to me before as well, if I am understanding you correctly.

I have searched for an Evac match and it has placed me into a skirmish. After the skirmish ends it replays the same exact match again and again.

Add Rescue, Defend and Nest as game modes outside Evacuation

Yes, this and vice versa. Sometimes I play Skirmish(Hunt) and get tossed into an ever repeating game of Nest/Rescue/Defend.


Yeah, this is a bug. It’s supposed to be just Hunt. We’re looking into it.

I’ve heard some people like it since it offers a variation, but the intent is for Skirmish to just be Hunt after Hunt after Hunt… :slight_smile:


I really wouldn’t mind it if it would change the map after each match.


Me and my crew only like Hunt mode, which feels like the core and main mode of the game.

The others are kinda interesting, but NONE feel properly balanced like Hunt does, and none offer the same experience.

The other modes fit in with Evacuation… which can be a fun way to play if you don’t have a human player to hunt which is what makes hunt mode so fun, so it’s a good “CoOp” mode… terribly imbalanced for PvP though still potentially fun.


But I like playing Nest or Rescue every 4 or so rounds


I appreciate the feedback on this issue. I do enjoy the variation, but like the others said. It wouldn’t be much of a problem if it didn’t keep repeating the same map and gametype over and over again, eventually forcing me to quit out of repetition.


Yeah, I love it!!! :smiley:

So why do you guys only allow hunt in skirmish? :sob:


Me too, + we can eventually play it without auto-balance.


I got dropped in a nest game once.


I would like to see the addition of a match list like skirmish which does cycle through all the match types. I want to play against other random players in the other modes without having to commit to an hour or more of evac mode.