Rescue monster dominating


Rescue mode is rather heavily biased towards monster. This is how is every game going, we save two colonists, monster gets stage 2, monster kills second wave of colonist before we get there, monster kills third wave of colonist before we get there. Are you friggin serious? 2 of my friends I was in party with went to play Heroes of Storm from frustration and I am sad now, really sad.


It has been rather difficult, My premade group managed to win maybe 2/6 of the rescue matches we decided to play. The Survivors need to be faster and have a bit better AI it seems, I spent one match just following one just to see how they acted, and it stood still for at least 10 seconds.
I mean, if you were about to die and someone comes by and rescues you, you don’t repay the favour by standing still, you haul ASS.


0:5 against wraith few minutes ago, first two survivors spawned right next to Tyrant, guess what he ate 'em both, since wraith decided to show up in stage 1. Second and third wave of the survivors we didn’t even see and I was playing Caira with speed boost.


I didn’t think this was the case in online matches because the teams would be more experienced. This is how my Solo rescue matches go all the time when I’m a Monster, Sometimes I don’t even Stage up to 2 I just rush for survivors and the game ends in around 3 minutes.

It does seem really broken towards the Monster… Maybe a buff is needed to Survivors? Or maybe remove the Incap stage all together and have them battle ready from the beginning to discourage monsters from charging in without worries of dying…


Funny is when you don’t even get the pointer to where the next survivor wave is and have to manually find 'em, only to find white skulls :smiley: yes this shit happens a lot. And afaik philosophy behind healer is, that you can’t overheal monster, how is this mode possible to win, if all monster needs to do is kill already striked target and run to next wave, which you don’t have means to beat him to. Yes, I won rescue couple of times, but those monsters were bad.