Rescue Mode (Save Everyone)


The objective is to save 5 survivors. But even after you save them there’s still plenty more left. Lol. The game should let you get bonus xp or something for saving everyone. Or even an achievement. Why leave them behind? Poor bastards lol


Once you save 5, the monster drops dead from a heart attack. Thus they can get to the point themselves. Unless a Tyrant eats them

If the monster eats 5, the colonists go insane and shoot themselves.


This seems accurate, given how utterly idiotic the survivors you’re expected to save are.

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Ah yes. I missed that in the lore. Thanks for clarifying lmao.

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Idiots for sure. You would think that after I revive you and cloak you with support you’d not shoot the monster

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Imagine how horrid rescue would be if they didn’t have jetpacks.

“That one just walked off a cliff”

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Honestly, I’m of the opinion that the reason the survivors in rescue are as they are and need to be rescued is not because they were attacked by a monster, but because they were all playing with things that they shouldn’t have been playing with. And when something inevitably exploded a monster just so happened to be in the area.

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Oh god a monster is chasing me.

Better lie down and be a reeallly easy target

That’ll help me live.


You gotta play dead man, cause that really stops the monster


Oh dear god…And that one jumped off a ledge so he’s running aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way around to get back up, and that one is lagging behind, that one can’t climb up here… ;-;