Rescue mode - Humans too far apart?


The 1 time we got to try rescue mode (playing evacuation), we lost in a way that made it seem impossible.

We got to the first group of survivors, rescued them and they beamed up without the monsters even making an effort to show up.
We got to the 2nd group as they were being attacked, because they spawned on the complete opposite side of the map. We ran/boosted as fast as we could in a straight line but they all died as soon as we got there.
The 3rd group appeared again on the opposite side of the map. By the time we ran all the way back over there, they were dead before we even got <100m on the map and we failed.

Again, this was us busting our butts to get to each spot. Boost jumping as far as we could each time and each time, the humans were dead and gone before we even had a chance to get to the marker.

Surely it’s not like that every time is it?


Ive noticed that. The only time I beat someone using that strategy was to actually trap and kill the monster. They usually dont try to evolve.