Rescue glitch


Not sure if this has been posted, as I couldn’t find it via the search function, but maybe I am inept in my ability to utilize said tool.

I played a match of rescue, and for the first time I felt like I was doing well. I slaughtered several of the potential rescued (not sure what they label they are given in game). I don’t recall the exact number the monster is required to kill in order to achieve victory, although I do know this is displayed at the top of the HUD. I had all but one icon X’d out, and a message was displayed stating that I needed to kill one survivor in order to win. After seeing this I naturally went all out, charging in with wild abandon, knowing I could take out one survivor before I could be killed. I took down 4 survivors, and eliminated each one so that they could not be revived. To my dismay, the message continued to display. “Eliminate one survivor to win”. This was very frustrating, as you can imagine, especially considering that during the beta I felt as though I was either disabled, or just didn’t grasp the game concept, due my inability to even compete in this game mode. Having finally developed a strategy that was seemingly effective enough to yield victory, and to fail due to a glitch of some sort was a very frustrating occurrence. Far too many games are launching with glitches these days, so I hope this is something that can be remedied quickly. hopefully this is a unique scenario, and it hasn’t plagued other players on a regular basis.
Has anyone else experienced this?


Enter here and scroll down to “bug reporting”. This will let the devs know there is something wrong.

Good luck, and Happy Hunting!


I’m having trouble with the Rescue mode aswell… Just almost had a nervous breakdown when I needed to kill one more survivor and I went to one of them that was on the ground, hurt and ready to die… I kept on hitting it with lightning strike, the kraken mines and melee’ing it but two hunters Val and hank kept on healing and shielding said survivor… vortex right into val and hank, but nothing happens - I keep meleeing the survivor, they keep “beaming him” - I keep lightning striking it, putting mines on it… Survivor just won’t die :smiley: (Not sure if it was a glitch though - so … maybe this is slightly off-topic)

And in the meanwhile, the other survivors waltzed into the rescue zone and I lost again.

Still haven’t won a single rescue mission and I’ve only played as the monster. I either focus on the survivors and the hunter team keeps chipping my health away uninterrupted or I focus on the hunter team and the survivors slink on out to be rescued and I never have time to do both.

I there ever was a moment that I feld like something needed a “Dagnabbit” in my opinion, in the lack of better, suitable words - this is it;