Requesting transparency on hunt 2.0 point awarded/reduced

I’ve now played 18 matches and the number of points awarded to hunter teammates when they win (or taken away when they lose) appears to be highly variable. I was playing in a group of 4, and we were all either silver expert or silver master at the time. The silver master player was often getting only a single point for a win, while silver expert players were getting anywhere between 15 and 150 points. I understand that silver master is higher than silver expert, but awarded one player 150x the points of the other because the one is one rank lower seems like an excessive difference. Additionally, awarding only a single point to the silver master player (even when we’re player silver monsters) seems excessively low. Finally, awarding one silver expert player >150 points and another silver expert players <30 points for winning the same match seems bizarre.

Could a Dev provide some transparency on how the specific number of point awarded in wins (or reduced in losses) is determined? Currently, it seems almost like a random choice between 1-160 points.

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