Requesting option to never play as the monster


It seems that few players enjoy being dumped into a game as the monster when it’s their least favorite class to play. Personally, I’ll back out of a game and take the matchmaking delay penalty over and over again, if when I land in a PUG lobby the only option is monster.

I’m willing to pay a DLC store fee to permanently remove the option of having to play monster so that I will never be dumped into a game as the monster ever again. Please, take my money!


I’m with you. I just love being a hunter so much more.


I wish they’d make it an option too. Like letting you pick hunter or monster before you even start matchmaking, like it does in solo mode.


I want the option, but locking it behind DLC is a terrible idea, Sorry if you were joking about that though.


I wasn’t joking. Offering to throw money at the problem is how desperate I am to stop being forced to play monster.

Also, logistically speaking, implementing that kind of a change will cost money and a programmer’s time, and I want to help provide the money that will fund my happiness at being monster-free.


I do agree we should be allow to narrow our preferences at the cost of longer matchmaking. A simple trade-off. If I only wish to play as Assault, then I should be cool with putting up with the extended matchmaking.

Makes a lot of sense and would help a lot of players out.


I know that, but frankly that’d seriously piss people off, even if it ain’t justified anger, I’d rather avoid it.

Plus, this change really just amounts to something that would be included in a patch, and they obviously don’t charge for those.


Extended matchmaking ain’t a bad idea. I’m extending my matchmaking time anyway when I’m continually leaving game lobbies where I’m stuck as the monster and have to wait an extra minute, anyway.


I mean, its inevitable that you would wait longer for a game, it’s not intended to get a longer wait time though (IE, so you’re narrowing your preferences? Guess you’re waiting 5 extra minutes!)

Its just its going to have a harder time putting you into a game due to the matchmaking giving you your preferred role exactly as it is. If I want Assault, GIVE ME ASSAULT! Nothing else!


MMOs charge for gender swaps, server swaps, name changes, etc. Going monster-free is a comparable option that doesn’t affect gameplay.


Or the opposite - I hate being dumped into a random PUG cluster. I’ll be that monster.

Really, I don’t understand the limitations. Maybe there is a reason for it, because there is no way the thought never came up.


Does no one play in parties anymore?


Not always possible. People have lives outside of gaming and obligations and all that.


That’s true but there are plenty of sites including this forum for finding people to play with. Beats playing with PUBS or being stuck as monster because everyone else is in a group.


are… are you the real fryda wolf?


It’s already 6000 people peak on PC. You really want to divide the community even more with this option? Man up and show that you can smash Hunters to pieces! (Or invite 3 people to join your team).


If there’s another I will Liam Neeson her. ಠ_ಠ


I don’t. I hate playing monster so much I make it easy as possible for the hunters to kill me so we can all move on.

Also I still haven’t figured out how to climb with Goliath on PC, no matter what I do UGH.


Did. Have. Worked on the game, even! Don’t like playing as the monster. Not gonna do it. Can’t make me.


In all fairness I would like the opinion to not play monster but there are work arounds.