Requesting Evolve Pixel Art


I was looking for pixel art earlier, and just couldn’t find any, so I was wondering if anyone here had any handy (preferably monsters but anything would be appreciated:) )


Take a look at this topic. Awesome goliath pixel art in there. :slight_smile:


You’re in luck! We had a pixel art craze back when Emet was being teased.


That’s where I got my profile picture from. :slight_smile:

Fun times. :smile:


Where could I find this sacred place


Anyway, do you want to continue this discussion over in the other topic I linked? No point in having 2 pixel art topics. :wink:


Fair enough, I can always browse that one!


Here’s the pixel art topic from emet’s tease.

It is an old topic so it’s probably best to use the most recent one. :slight_smile:


We can continue the discussion over in the first topic I linked. :slight_smile: